It's not about the community it's about esports

(J4CKA1) #21

Out of all that I would say that ruining blood drive is the only thing that can totally be attributed to speed runs. The hammer of dawn should never have been the same price as the other epic cards; it’s too strong for 5k.

I don’t understand though… it seems like you’re implying that you want to use exploits, just not spawn trapping exploits?

(Bleeding Pepper) #22

While I don’t disagree with those reasons I’ve always been under the impression that the primary motivation for speedrunners it’s a response to the economy of the game, and the RNG nature of the gear packs.

(J4CKA1) #23

If the only way to hit wings 5 was speed running, and they wanted speed runners to stop… why would they add more wings levels? It seems to me that once the speed runners had no reason to play anymore they would move on and this would effectively fix the problem…right?

(Majikmyke) #24

I agree with you on this one …at times you have to work harder to get a kill…even trying to finish off a downed dude you got to hit him with two shots because of the inconsistencies.

(ll R E D l) #25

To me when this game first came out it was great just needed a few tweaks, and we got them, then some more, and some more. Now its to the point were the game is unbalanced and 1 team always seems to have stronger weapons and more health.

(The Sloth T34) #26

I don’t mind using exploits, but when they can have a negative effect on the whole horde community I don’t use them because I understand my action can have undesired effects.
These speed runners don’t care. All they care about is gaining xp and credits at a fast rate.They don’t care if they ruin maps or skill cards as long as they can find a way to keep earning that xp/credits quickly.

(Bleeding Pepper) #27

What undesired effects are those? TC patching the game and messing it up? Surely the fault lies with TC?

Blood Drive is an example. The way it’s been patched has ruined the spawns now. Is this the fault of speedrunners? I would argue strongly no. It’s the fault of TC. First in the system and economy they have created which led to speedruns becoming popular; and secondly and most importantly in the way they botched the patch. Attributing the blame to speedrunners is misplacing the blame.

(The Sloth T34) #28

I know TC is also responsible, but speed runners also knew what they were doing and they didn’t care. Evey month they would update a map to fix exploits and what would speed runners do? find another map to exploit.
Blood drive
war machine
lift apex
So yeah speed runners are also to blame.

(sinadoom) #29

I think The Coalition is doing a great job for the community, far better than most developers do for their games and this is years after launch, and we’re still getting updates. But I totally agree about the eSports Supporter packs. They are shamefully priced and given there’s no guarantee of getting the skin you want it’s a complete scam. If they let people buy the skins they want and at a reasonable price it wouldn’t be so bad.

(Quinn Quiver) #30

2 separate weapon tunings has 100% divided the already small Gears community there’s no denying this and it’s not even just the weapons that are separate the movement is as well. You don’t get why Core is receiving so much criticism? Maybe because it’s very imbalanced with a ridiculous range on the gnasher. Competitive players can barely play a Escalation or Execution match without having multiple people quit or having to wait 8 minutes just to find a match and this problem is directly related to the fact that the majority of players are playing Core instead because again the player base is divided. When it comes down to it a large amount of the issues with Gears 4 are the result of The Coalition splitting the game in half

(Quinn Quiver) #31

weekly and monthly updates to what part of the game exactly? Hard to say considering TC refuses to post patch notes half the time but I doubt the updates have anything to do with Core.

(ll R E D l) #32

Do you think this game would be getting so much support this far along if it wasn’t an esports game? I dont think so. But we’ll never know

(Ll3R) #33

Don’t you know by now?.. All game franchises peak at the 3rd release and they decline. Remember Halo 3?

(J4CKA1) #34

Faulty logic there on a few counts. The horde community isn’t affected by speed running private horde lobbies. You’re shifting the blame when it should rest squarely on the first offender.

(Omen LP) #35

Gears 4 is awesome compared to earlier games. The horde, the MP, both, visually, game play, etc.

People are focusing on how it is not perfect for them, rather than looking at the big picture.

I agree the RNG sucks. In Vesus RNG only controls the cosmetic!!

In Horde it controls everything, which sucks.
I admit I paid $ to level up my skills. I will not do that with Gears 5, if they have the same system.

They need (NEED) to get their networking code and infrastructure in order! This isn’t rocket science, and if Azure is marketting itself to capital markets trading applications, it surely needs to be able to handle an online game!
Lazy programming, I am sure, and a cheap infrastructure.

(The Sloth T34) #36

Yes it is affected by private speed running. I 've already explained why. It should rest on the shoulders whoever uses these exploits.They made a choice knowing the consequences it would bring and they still did it for selfish reasons.

(ll R E D l) #37

People aren’t asking for perfection, People want consistency. I never said it wasn’t an awesome game, it is. When it works. People are just tired of shooting marshmallows only to have a Bruce Lee punch to the gut.

(HayMaker304) #38

So do you hate the guys who did speed runs on quake to beat the game in 11 minutes? Lol

(The Sloth T34) #39

Did they earn credits really fast so they could buy a lot quake pack? If so then yes.
Also I don’t hate speed runners I hate speed running in this game because of the consequences that occurred in horde.

(ll R E D l) #40

This is one of the many problems I brought up earlier, How is this even a thing??? I’m at 100% but yet still onyx 1