It's not about the community it's about esports

Its proven day in day out with the amount of post about the mechanics of this game from inconsistent gnasher, crappy matchmaking, the worst ranking system, RNG lootboxe, I could keep going. Your lack of communication and excuses are ruining this franchise. I am a die hard gears player and have been since the beginning. You already split the community by having 2 different settings(which is stupid).it seems all you care about is esports. A lot of the money for esport comes from the people who buy the rigged packs(i never did or never will I support that highway robbery) You think throwing some cosmetics at us will shut us up but it won’t. I’m saying it right now if gears 5 is anything like this, this franchise is done for.


Whoa, chill out.

TC have vastly improved their the communication with the community. It’s a hell of a lot better than what EPIC ever did.

They readdressed the Ranking system for season 4 due to player feedback. While it may not be perfect - they listened and did something about it.

They’ve listened to player feedback regarding the competitive playlist for movement and the gnasher - 2.8 beta. While they may not change anything to Core, including the split weapon tuning, we can only wait to see what they have done in Gears 5.

Maps have been addressed many times and I doubt TC want to repeat that. I bet some of the new maps planned for Gears 4 will be released for Gears 5.

The majority of content in Gears 4 is free, at least for a limited time. Only eSports packs are pay only and it is your choice to purchase them. TC have continually released in-game credit (free) purchasable content throughout the lifetime of Gears 4. A huge portion of that content, mainly certain characters were community requests, which TC listened to.

Gears 4 is almost 2 years old, you certainly can’t expect much change for it now, especially with Gears 5 about a year from release.

TC have definitely learned a lot of lessons from Gears 4 and I’m hopeful they will correct a lot of their mistakes with Gears 5.


Why so mad? Gears 4 is an awesome game in my eyes even with the lootboxes…you dont have to spent anything and still get the skins you want to have(apart from black steel which I dont care about)

I think Gears 4 is getting to much hate on the forums and I totally dont get it. I am an addict to this game playing since Gears 1 and I have never seen any other game with such good gameplay.

Also I dont think the 2 different tunings is any problem and its not splitting the community in two. I like core but also enjoy some comp escalation. I dont get it why so many people hate on core, it is the same shotgun as it was in Gears 3 in my opinion. TC even did say that. Yea Gears 3 was slightly better than gears 4 in my opinion too but cmon we can just hope the best for Gears 5.( and I find gears 3 only slightly better not huge)


To you it may be, but to a lot of people it’s not.
underdeveloped characters
lackluster campaign
horde speed running
low credit output for vs
inconsistent shots
kill trades
op rifle in core
filler content in the gear packs
TC decisions to change things at the last minute
and many more reasons


I love gears and when this game works it is amazing. The problem lately is it doesn’t work. I feel like most matches nowadays I have to work extra hard to get 1 kill because my point blanks dont work. Then when I finally get a 1 shot kill guess what it’s a trade. They keep tuning and messing with it, its eventually gonna go bad. And I dont want to see this franchise go under I love gears. I have all the books, comics, the 360 and one.


I love the game and even though it had and still has some flaws, the work TC have done to improve has been amazing, if you feel that way to come onto their website to cuss them off then don’t come back or play the game again. I know there is issues but they do work hard and listen to the problems that we are having.

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Dude it’s been 2 years and the game has gotten worse. Yea they work hard but for the majority it’s for the esports. All I’m trying to say is that it seems like they care more about that than the people who made this franchise what it is. The fan base is getting smaller and smaller by the day and if you dont think so look at the matches you’re placed in. Most of the post are about the inconsistent gnasher or the ranking. This has been a problem since the beginning. I want to love this game I really do because gears ruined other shooters for me


I’m not saying you’re wrong because it is your opinion but if you love the game as much as you claim, then why hate on TC so much?

This Game does have flaws but in no way is the Fan base getting smaller
i think the big reason why everyone is against the game is because of RNG lootboxes but no one is forcing your hand to spend money on the game


I agree with this, the one thing I dislike about Gears is that you have to grind out for credits to get a chance to get all content from the packs, and you still might not even get what you want.

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But it’s not just my opinion it’s the majority of the forums. Look at the post it’s the same stuff over and over. Ive tried for the longest to defend TC but I cant any more. It seems like they care more about esports than the community as a whole .


They do try to force you .
Low out put of credits.
Multiple legendaries per pack.
Filler content in packs. (helmetleess gear, color blast, etc)
Limited time to purchase packs.
Some fall for it others don’t. They try very hard.


I still don’t get how you say that after your first post and what you named this thread.

I disagree. I admit Coalition hasn’t made the smartest decisions with all aspects of this game, but they have improved over time and their communication with fans is some of the best I’ve seen from any current dev. This game is nearly 2 years old and is still getting weekly and monthly updates. You don’t see that too often these days, especially with a sequel in the works.

So while they aren’t perfect, they still deserve some credit too. They have made clear strides to make improvements and pay more attention to their fans. This is also their first Gears game. Most of the issues we have now will most likely be ironed out in the sequel.

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I will never understand why anyone complains about speed running.

1 - These are done in private matches.
2 - It was a reactionary response to bad servers and long match times.
3 - You literally never have to do one, ever.

Also to the OP, they have messed up and they know it, but at least with the limited resources they have, they are trying to fix it. For me though, unless things radically change I will be renting Gears5 for a quick runthrough of the campaign and that’s it. I love Gears but I have been pretty disappointed in this one overall.


Because now it’s impossible to hit the level cap without speed running

Why would hitting the level cap matter?


Thats not the fault of sped running though.

I don’t care personally, but I’ve read others give the following argument:

Some want to reach max level, just like some want to collect all skins. Again, I could care less. But TC claims they added the last five wings to allow those who reached wings 5 the opportunity to earn more credits. At that point however, it was the case that the only individuals close to wings 5 were speed Runners.

Now, we have 5xp so the chances of hitting wings 5 without speed runs is possible. However, it still seems quite impossible to reach wings 10 without speed runs.

Again, I don’t care one bit, I was simply playing devils advocate providing reasons against speed runners.

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Because it affects how they update horde. When an expoit is found to be too good TC has to find a way to put a stop to it.
Raising the cost of the HOD strike twice.
nerfing called shot.
nerfing sentries.
ending the double power glitch.(which they hotfix within a week or less)
ruining blood drive