It's no longer fun to use a shotgun in this game

So now people who dont even aim with their gnashers and just randomly flick the joystick and fire are rewarded for this novice behavior… Wow… I remember when I could flick the left trigger to aim my blasts and it would cause a less spreaded hence more powerful shot… Not anymore… Just aim the joystick toward the general direction of your opponent and hipfire. And they’ve even made it MORE powerful than aiming lol this has gotten out of hand. Along with the inconsistencies of range amd who shot first. This game is just getting worse its hard to play competitively anymore. Coming from a disheartened, day one gears veteran… Just disappointing


When was this ever not the case?


Its the aim assist that makes it particularly worse in G5 i think. As ive mentioned in previous posts its basically like the sawed off from G3 at times. This makes for an inconsiatant close combat battle at times.

Gears 1-4

So people didn’t hipfire the shotgun for 85% of their battles in the previous games?

How much of the previous games did you play?

Hip fired since Gears 2. Ain’t got time for hard aim noobs.

An accurate pop shot in a fast paced fight is more skillful than hip fire and should be rewarded accordingly. It used to be. The spread was tighter thereby inflicting more damage at certain ranges than hipfire. Usually I would land a good popshot and then finish off with hip fires.

Now it’s all hip fire 24/7. There’s no incentive at all to pop shot and it only adds to the staleness that is this game.

Btw when I say pop shot I’m talking about pulling LT and RT in rapid succession, which is not hard aiming.

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I feel the same. Although this has led me to try different guns and enjoy them. I never used the drop shot because I never learned how to use it but now I think it is sort of fun to use,

Agreed. You hit the nail on the head. It uses to create a mkre concentrated shot if you are a real gears head you will remember it was the noobs that hip fired. Pop shot used to be the superior method as it was much harder to master. Now anyone’s little brother can just run around hip firing and get kills

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