It's my fault apparently for not building the locker

Basically, I just failed a game of horde in Allfathers Arena (regular horde).

Team we had: Anchor, Pilot, Demo, tactician and I was playing as robotic expert.

Everyone was upgrading perks and nobody decided to deposit, which I understand some classes need to perk up especially tactician. Honestly, that didn’t bother me. So I decided to build barriers, repair tap and do what is necessary for me as a engineer.

During wave 8, Demolition demanded me to build a locker and I immediately replied “deposit your 11,000, otherwise forget it.” He didn’t even bother put power in fabricator. Bear in mind, nobody put power in fabricator, not even demolition lol. At that wave I had less than 2,000 power.

At wave 9 we got wiped when Warden decided to do Hulk smash and put everything out of misery.

At that point, I got pm from demo saying that I should erase my gears and go play something else instead :joy:.

He carried on saying that we lost the game because it was my fault that I didn’t build locker for him.

That demolitions is useless. As Demolitions (and any other class) I don’t need locker anymore, both 12 and 50 Master horde matches.. The worst is when there’s a Tactician and that Demolitions didn’t take advantage of it.
Reading the nonsense of still needing lockers/fortifications when there’s already proofs of they’re wrong, there’s no salvation for those stubborn and makes worse find matches

The other day an engineer joins to my lobby and started demanding everyone deposit. Neither deposit, he left and I finished that 50 waves. Demo built locker for himself, Infiltrator built 4 barriers and that’s all. We didn’t need that engineer. And if the other players trusted more on themselves, We would finish the horde without fortifications.

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If you’re a class that needs a locker you deposit, Its simple as that. Otherwise they wait until I have spare power. Other than this no one needs to deposit, people don’t owe the engineer anything. Just another horde thing really, nothing you can do about it.


Thats why i play blademaster now because noone seem to deposit.

For frenzy, I agree with that philosophy. I saw you play with our group on District and I think you didn’t deposit but I didn’t really mind because you knew how to play lol. Plus probably don’t need a locker bc you spawn with plenty of Shotgun ammo plus ammo boxes.

In frenzy, I deposit all my money usually unless I’m playing a certain class (Tactician, Blademaster…etc) - because I really don’t need perks Wave 1. Or I deposit some and use the rest to perk - depends on the classes of course.


Whenever I had spare money I shared it with people who had low energy, assuming they still needed perks. If I see the engineer struggling to pop out fortifications then I’ll donate because I know that pain lol.

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Not your fault at all. If people don’t deposit and prefer to perk, they don’t get a locker. It’s that simple.


No Deposit No Locker

This is my philosophy too.

Regardless of the locker.
There’s nothing more sad than having a demolition and tactician in your team, them being unable to kill a warden.


My view on frenzy, especially when running robotics expert over mechanic, everyone apart from blade master and tactician should deposit 5,000.

This should be enough to get a level 3/4 locker and enough barriers through the first few waves.

People though, like in real life, only think of themselves and wonder why it all falls apart early and then blame others.

Edit: didn’t mean the direct reply.


I tend to agree.

However, OP was a in a 50 waver, which begs the question - why was Demo hoarding 11,000 power in the early game anyways?

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For GL that make big boom boom.

Making yourself stronger/more efficient is beneficial to the team. I don’t consider that selfish.


I’ve done many games without any engineer at all. Most of my games the engineer will just build barriers because thats all you really need, anything else is luxury at that point. If someone wants a locker they should have the common courtesy to deposit their power until they get a locker.


It is when you’re playing as an individual and not as part of a team. It’s a team game!

What does that even mean? Every class benefits from getting perks as soon as possible. As said earlier in the thread - if you want a locker ASAP throw your 10k in the fab and you’ll get one. That’s only necessary with maybe 3 or 4 classes though.

Once that’s done you’re gonna keep your money until your perks are done and then share it with classes who might benefit from all 4 perks.

If you’re absolutely clueless on how to do anything perks are obviously lost on you.


Most of the 50 wave games i play everyone deposits until everyone who wants one gets a quad.

Which means, with 1 tap which is protected from being damaged, by wave 11 everyine can start perking…

Blademaster can throw a couple perks into bleed, slugger can buy frags, but no one else needs perks in the first 10 waves…

When i play demo and we have a pilot i always guve rhe first locker to the pilot… If we have a strong team i dont need a locker as a demo, but if the team is poor and i am forced to carry then yes, i do need a locker… Usually 3 booms, 2 GLs and 8 frags are all i ever need…

I was engineering few days ago and i got attitude from marksman cuz i got the pilot a locker before i got him a locker… And i was like, dude, you have 15 shots in rhe longshot and 60 in the markza, pilot has FOUR Drop round… He told me Markza was crap, to which i replied that it was probably better than pilot’s enforcer…

Some marksman players are starting to get as annoying / entitled as the OG JD players were.

It depends on the players skill in those early rounds. Sadly that’s mainly lacking in this game most of the time.


I only every played public and if i ever need a locker i just buy my own now