It's me or they destroyed horde

Hi everywhere well it’s me again just to report something as a master horde player I understand that you where to make the horde easier for the noobs but don’t too easy:
1 bastions are not covering the enemies
2 the guardian just look at me 90% of the times and 5 seconds later it shots
3 the sentinels are just pretty stupid
Why you weren’t able to preserve the master difficulty as it used to be now is like play on insane

I think some of the flying dudes are currently bugged is all

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I’ve not noticed any difference in the Guardians and Sentinels.

Bastions - for sure, they’re all over the place. It seems that outdoor maps cause them to not work properly.


Guardians and Sentinels are as annoying as ever. Bastions seemed bugged. I rarely see them shielding anything anymore and they mostly do kamikaze runs.

I’ve only noticed bastions acting up on horde frenzy tbh,…

As far as I’m aware they work perfectly fine in campaign and 1 to 50 horde, this might just be something exclusive to horde frenzy as bastions tend to kamikaze when they can’t find a friendly target to shield, its possible this was done on purpose to add to the horde “frenzy” effect.

Unfortunately not. I’ve seen this happen alot on 1-50 runs. The only correlation I can see is whether it’s indoor maps or outdoors. They function normally on the two Escape-themed maps. I haven’t tested all maps though.

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Hmmm, I see it a lot on blood drive, but I haven’t noticed it on checkout or reactor and I’ve only been playing those on horde recently, I’m sure it’ll get rectified soon :v:

not intentional, will probably get fixed in the future,

How terrible. I wish they brought back the team-wiping hyper-aggressive Guardians as well.

The entire AI isn’t the brighest light in the harbor but they seem to have issues with pathfinding on the new Escape-tile-maps.

Actually, I think it may be due to some maps being Escape-tile based. I just remembered that the Bastions were playing silly buggers on Checkout too, and that’s an indoor map. Maybe someone who has played on Exhibit can confirm seeing as that’s an indoor one?

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I’ve not played on Exhibit for a good while now, but having played on Checkout recently on Elite, with it being an indoors map, I can confirm pretty much every Bastion that spawned went in for a suicide bombing run. Seemingly with preference going for me, possibly because I was usually the furthest ahead(aka closest) target to go for… that is when they didn’t try throwing themselves at Jack.

Certainly don’t recall there being any Bastions shielding enemies I had to shoot up. It seems random when they come in and suicide and when they choose to shield an enemy when their scripted behavior is to only try to blow up on you if there isn’t an enemy worth shielding left(they appear to ignore Juvies and Leeches, for example). I know this from the Campaign on the ice lake by the old mine in Act 2 where I often prefer to make Swarm drown and end up with kamikaze Bastions suiciding for the glory of the Emperor(hint : history reference) in an attempt to kill me.

Tbh I feel like the flying enemies should have been tweaked anyway. Either weaken those shields or change the movement slightly they fly so evasively that they are a nightmare to hit enough solid shots. Especially on higher difficulties. Harder to deal with now that JD is nerfed.

You have to be kidding bro go with lizzie use the dropshot or silverback against them and kait y lethal also

Will defo try those. Although hitting them with the drop shot is something I struggle with…

Another tip if you’re trying to stun them with the drop of they are close to a piece of cover try to hit the cover