It's literally impossible to find a horde team

I have not find a single horde team where the host isnt sleeping, in custom with 5 members the game just doesn’t start, I have been looking for hours and its always like that

It’s so strange, the game is just 3 weeks old and it’s already dying, no mpg, no horde, no one is playing the game


Horde needs leaver penalties

  • Classes level 1 = Easy-Horde until wave 10
  • Classes level 2 = Medium-Horde until wave 20
  • Classes level 3= Hard-Horde until wave 30
  • Classes level 4 = Advanced-Horde until wave 40
  • Classes level 5 = INSANE-Horde until wave 50

Leaver penalty of 20 minutes and max 3 per day sharing timer with PvP modes. Console & PC hardware penalty not just profile. Only in this way people will be to play horde

Oh you are level 1? You can only easy sorry but you will not be ruining the experiencie for top horde players.


Man i feel you, I just hope the developer is hearing u


Just go on groups. I’ve found several people willing to long-haul 50 waves without leaving. If you look at custom matches or at randoms then it’s guaranteed that the team will be gone before you finish. Groups is what I’ve had a lot of luck with, I suggest you give it a go.

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What do you think I’m being trying to do?

Literally all the customs games I have tried to join just doesn’t start, the host just doesn’t start the f game

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Not that, go onto Groups under the offical group on the XB1 or for PC and look for a post for horde. Not the actual custom games lobby.

I’ll try mate, I just want to play the bloody game


I understand, it gets frustrating. If you can’t find a group just wait for the weekend and hit me up. I’m sure I’ll be around sometime in the evening. I’ll help you find a group.

I’m playin on PC and the xbox app is so f strange, I want to join ppl that invite me and the app just f s his pants

The app has problems sometimes. For a while I couldn’t even use the app because I couldn’t get invites to anything through the console, it would just all go through the app and f^ck sh^t up.

I don’t even get messages, there was this time someone was trying to tell me to build something and i didn’t get the message

Odd. Not even the public chat works, or party chat?

I don’t think the app has problems “sometimes”, it’s always broken

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This is fair enough, I suppose. There’s always something wrong with it.

No, for some reason I don’t get “any” message

You might need to uninstall and reinstall things. That helped me, of course that was just on the app side and not the console side. The console I’ve never really had issues with.

I don’t try to ■■■■ on the servers or something like that, but I don’t know why I don’t receive any messages

Only a server person knows that. I couldn’t even begin to tell you.

I’m banned wtf why?