It's like they flushed the game

Game is in the septic tank…

The sky is blue.


You’re literally playing the game as we speak.


How would I know if I wasn’t?

Use the brain lol…

Do you complain about games you’re NOT playing??


Just think its super weird that people complain, complain and complain but still play the game they’re complaining about. Seems super unhealthy.


The toxic cycle is addicting I must say.

Always goes something like this…“This game f**king sucks. checks profile 4500 hours played…”. Yeah okay.


Every single time. Lol

“I’m uninstalling!” Then I check their profile and it says “Gears 5- Playing Competitive Match”

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Happiness is an option.


Why be happy when you can complain all day then continue partaking in whatever that thing is you’re complaining about.

Do you think the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) will update itself to include this as a form of self-harming?


It should.

Its like going to a restaurant and saying “this tastes like sh*t” but then going back to that same restaurant every week. Lol

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I think it’s rooted in the fact that most people think they’re better than they actually are. When they perform well they’re like:
“this game is awesome, responsive, great hit reg, etc.”

But when they have a few bad matches it’s basically:

“This game is trash, TC caters to noobs, horrible hit reg, cross lancering noobs, I solo queed competitive and lost against a communicating 4/5 stack, etc”

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Sounds like the mindset of a man child to me. Lol

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Exactly. But it’s unfortunately a common mindset by the looks of some of the complaints on the forums


Luckily its just a very small amount of people that only show up when they’re bored and then leave again.

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Not weird at all if you dont take a biased approach to it. Gears is a game in its own league. AFAIK one of if not the only 3rd person cover based team shooters still going ‘strong’. And then you have the whole chunk gameplay which is im pretty sure unique to the Gears series. So if thats your niche you dont really have any other choice but to play and deal with whatever issues you have with the game.

And btw, you can still have fun playing a ‘trash’ game you know that right. Just because you still play the game youre complaining about doesnt mean the complaints you have about said game suddenly lose their value. If that was the case games like for example GTAO, TESO and BF2042 would have a way lot less active players as they currently have.

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Exactly, the children above apparently aren’t intelligent enough to realize that.

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No one has said this isnt true though. No one is refuting this. What is being said though is that if someone complains about something 24/7 but continues to partake in that thing they are complaining about 24/7 then they are mentally ill. Ita a videogame, I swear some people treat gears like its their girlfriend that cheats on them but they just can’t bring them self to leave her lol

What kind of examples are these? Lol gta online and elder scrolls online are both massively popular and successful games. BF2042 has like 1000 concurrent players. Everyone quit that game including the developers lol

I think the only excuse could be content creation to make money on YouTube but even those people will tell you their addicted

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That might be the case at times but its not always true. Theres a balance with on one side the negative one complains about and on the other side the positive that keeps one playing the game.

Im not 24/7 on these forums so I might have missed it but I havent seen OP complain about the game 24/7 as suggested here. I wholeheartedly agree with the part in bold though lmao

Thats false

  1. ESO pvp has lost a severe chunk of its population years ago and is barely holding on. A part of the PVE community is even advocating for the whole abolishment of PVP because its negatively affecting them in their opinion. PVE and PVP draw very different crowds in that game btw. PVE is very popular, PVP is a laggy, broken, unbalanced trashpile. But there are still people, some I personally played with, that play this game. Some of them stream it still on twitch while actively complaining about it at times. Others critique the state of the game via youtube vids but also still play the game.
  2. GTAO is dead in a way. Whats been dominating in numbers and popularity is the roleplaying scene. The normal GTAO lobbies are filled with modders, cheaters, griefers and whatnot. One of the reasons why Rockstar forced people to do heist prep missions in public lobbies was to bring more life to lobbies because players just werent in them as before. They used the menu or phone for contact missions, races and stuff like that. GTAO without roleplaying servers has a pretty bad rep but despite that still bring in millions if not billions of dollars.

Your point about BF is contradicting itself lol. 1000 players but everyone quit? Make it make sense.

Raid Shadow Legend is another example of a ‘trash’ game thats popular.

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