It's confirmed: Torque Bow is OP

In non-competitive modes (with aim assist) the bow is really OP. It doesn’t require skill, you can hit enemies even without aiming. You can strafe, roll, make wall bounce or change lobby, even a casual player will kill you. I have used it in many games, and it’s actually THAT easy. If you don’t believe me, try to play a game using the bow with aim assist on, and then a game without it.

On Beginner, yes.

On Co-op vs AI, certainly not.

There is no auto aim outside of Campaign, Horde and Escape on Beginner. Unless you’re using something like Marcus’ Ult.




I’m talking about TDM, KOTH, FFA, Guardian and go on. My mistake, I was meaning the option “Aim Assist”

I added Versus tag for clarification.



I miss people all the time. Even when I’m positive I was dead on it seems to just go right through them. I need some of that aim assist. In arcade I don’t miss as much

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Stay tuned for next week’s episode, “It’s confirmed: Walking is OP”!


Nah, the next edition will be “It’s confirmed. Standing is op.”


The next one is actually gonna be, “It’s confirmed: Gnasher is OP”.


There’s just no way …

I actually feel the opposite someone sneezes and the arrow falls off them and attaches to a wall instead. Stay in cover you cant be out in the open walking around when someone has a torque bow. If you think it’s so great just grab it yourself then and problem solved. I cant count how many times I am the only one on my team that goes to power weapons, gets overrun and then teammates whine about them having them. Simple dynamic there.

Impossible, it never works correctly…

I’ve never seen a torque bow in horde now that I think about it

There’s some hunters that have them.

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It’s only dropped by Elite Hunters and they only appear on like, wave 8 and 9, and maybe 10(memory not accurate, and not bothered to search Ektope‘s post made for the wave patterns) of the wave pattern that starts out with the Leeches and Hammerburst Drones. If RNG chooses they won’t spawn, you ain’t seeing Torque Bows. Not sure if a character can buy any from the fabricator. JD sure can’t.


So I’ve always loved the torque. Tons of fun and variety of options to get kills. It works pretty good but this was the best I’ve got it to work

Elite Hunters are from Leech waves.

8 to 10.

Every weapon is OP with aim assist on. Boltok, torque, snipe embar, snub, retro, lancer, gnasher.