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Its almost here!

So with it being few months of the release date it’s going to have to be a COD style Beta right?
It would just be a temporary release of the final version rather than a true beta like Gears4 had.
(which changed drastically in terms of appearance, sound design and some of the mechanics.)

All the physical media involved in the actual release would have to go into production around the same time in order to make an autumn/winter deadline. Most games hit retailers stock rooms weeks to months in advance which is why every game seems to have a day 1 patch as development continues past those production/shipping deadlines. Games seem to be a logistics nightmare.

Feels like maybe a server test weekend or something.

Knowing TC, they probably think it will increase sales not to show the game first.

Knowing Gears 4, they are probably right.

Lowkey wish Gears 5 was a next-gen game…

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I know we have not got 5 yet but assuming we get a sixth game that will be on the next gen, which will be current gen by then of course

Next-Gen is looking like end of 2020.

Gears 5 can launch this year and then perhaps get the “Enhanced” or Updated Version when the NextBox launches.

Either way, it’s safe to say that Gears 6 will be the dramatic upgrade when that comes out.

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Modern warfare beats the heck out of crap ops, pretty excited about that. Probably gonna check pokemon sword out too. I am so happy 5 has so much gears 2 stuff in it looking at it so far, 2 was my favorite. I am excited to see halos new slip space engine, a whole new engine and look for infinite. Finally get to see mysterio in spider man this year too. Not into the dark phoenix thing, even if they put the star jammers in it, just, eh. Now domino, there was awesome mutant.

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As far as Xbox/Microsoft as a whole is a concerned, it’ll likely focus on updates with stuff we already knew: Halo late 2020, a soft reveal of the next consoles, a Fable reboot, the cloud.

They might reveal some new first-party titles, but my money is on them doubling down on the Live Service trend.

I miss your stone slab profile picture

Still on a high from Sekiro and I haven’t played it in a month. If it wears off, maybe I’ll go back.

That or my smiling Karl Franz pic. Depends on my mood.

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Speaking of FromSoftware, it sounds like they’re working with GRRM on something and will reveal it at the Microsoft presentation. Now that’s interesting.

Well guys. Looks like we will be getting some more info tomorrow. Hopefully they blow us away

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I can confirm this is true.

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Ready to blow another million dollars on a Gears game😂

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I’m ready to do it right now.

TC can make some promises and I’ll bite :grimacing:

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You probably make up at least 50% of TC’s revenue :joy:

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I’m helping to make sure it lives on for us all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blue_heart:

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Thing is, with post-release patches being so prolific, TC can easily make changes further down the line. A Beta isn’t always needed. They’re getting those eSports teams to play (and essentially test) the game. Compare GOW4 at launch to what it is now - there have been quite a few changes made.

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Plus they said they are building on Gears 4.

So they have a solid foundation that’s already been tweaked and updated.

I just don’t see enough time for a beta - if it’s launching in September.

September release to me means they will use these 3 months to promote the 3 main parts of the game.

June = Campaign

July = MP

August = Horde

September = Release

If we get a October/November release, I think there will be a CHANCE to see a beta,


Given how close we would be to release, it’s not really a BETA but more of a “Game Preview” at that stage.

Also from late July through August will be the summer holidays. I doubt that would be a good time to release a Beta seeing as lots of people are typically busy during this time with family etc. And the eSports tournement is where Versus will get its debut so we won’t get anything prior to that.


They wouldn’t release a BETA at E3 when the MP reveal is set for 10th July.

That means a BETA would need to be advertised and hyped for end of July.

Again, if September is the release date,

Playing 1 month before the game is due for full release doesn’t make sense to me.


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