It's all fracking lancer now.... and rolling in wrong directions.. and sliding to wrong side of a corner


This game is a snooze fest, my friend. Playing against sweating stacks in any mode, especially KOTH, is absolutely horrendous. Nine times out of ten these teams will be setting up at different spots throughout the map with lancers. Any attempt to make moves towards the ring or you know, just to ■■■■■■■ move, will be met with five Lancers downing you instantly.

The issue isn’t that people can’t counter it (at least for me) but what it does to the gameplay and overall experience playing this camping simulator. Any thought or plan of pushing and excepting CQC action is thrown out the window, you have to fight fire with fire. Post up behind cover, and wait patiently till someone makes the mistake of moving so you can lancer them down.

This play style is brought to you by these horrible maps Gears 5 launched with. Icebound, Training Grounds, Bunker, Exhibit, and even Vasgar to an extent. All said maps are designed around RIFLE gameplay with loads of high vantage points, big open areas, long sight lanes that offer very little cover, etc etc.

Play a Team Deathmatch game on Icebound, and say with a straight face that’s fun. That’s why we all fell in love with the Gears franchise. We loved being pinned down by a team of camping Lancers. We loved matches taking 45 minutes with long periods of nothing happening because no one wants to ■■■■■■■ move.