It's all fracking lancer now.... and rolling in wrong directions.. and sliding to wrong side of a corner

If you like this Versus, power to you, I can’t stand it…

I gave it another try, after a short break, and yeah, I can’t stand it…

It’s all fracking lancer… people spawning next to you… behind you… in front of you…

It’s rolling and the game randomly deciding which direction you should roll in…

It’s the game sliding you to the wrong side of the corner you are looking at…

All things which don’t exist in GoW4…

Yeah, I hate this…

You cannot imagine how hyped I was for Gears 5 after just falling in love with GoW4 Versus… And this is just crap, compared to that. Sure, prettier graphics and a handful of really nice changes, but they totally fracked up the core of what made GoW4 so great, to me…


Horrible on maps with open areas during Koth…

The lancer abusers are the reason I stopped playing TDM, it’s boring and frustrating to play with people that always hide in the sameness spots and shoot you with the lancer until they literally run out of bullets, sorry but this is not fortnite you shouldn’t play it like that


This is the biggest problem with the current meta. Teams lancer/snub camping making the entire match a campfest is exceptionally boring.

What made gears great was the high octane speed the game was played at. Close, in your face gameplay.

Not hiding behind boxes firing at tiny pixels across the map.


See me in 2v2 gnashers soon

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TDM is absolutely atrocious in this game… holy ■■■■. Matches on Icebound, Exhibit, Bunker, and Training Grounds take FOREVER.

It’s a combination of the Lancer and the map design… which was clearly designed for lancer play. They’ve managed to turn this mode into a camping simulator.


I just played TDM “seriously” for the first time today. It’s surprisingly fun if people don’t play like cowards, but when they do, my god, this gametype is so bad. All people do is camp and lancer until someone makes a big move.

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I like it, the one thing I’ve always disliked in Gears of War was the ridiculous “shotgun jousting” that used to dominate the meta. The whole point of a gun is to kill your target at a distance, not charge straight up to the enemy position like a suicidal idiot.


Definitely. The lancer itself isn’t the issue, trying to get across the darn maps without being pelted is the hard part

All gears games use lancers vs good teams welcome to gears

Stop charging. Use cover. Play strategically. Study the pros if you need to. This is the best weapon tuning in any gears yet imo—for the gnasher and lancer. The problem is people dont use cover and just try to gnasher rush.


You are right this is basically fortnite without the building.


OH and make it cost 3,000,000 iron :slight_smile:

Dude, that’s way too cheap. Don’t forget that TC are a tiny indie company and they’re hard up for money.

Should be 300000000 iron.

/S Incase someone can’t tell that this was sarcastic


Don’t encourage them not everyone is as rich as @III_EnVii_III :joy:


Idk forrnite is a kiddy n64 lookin game

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The mp is designed to be fast like 3 but there are hurdles put in place to limit the skill gap.

6 gnasher shots, the 3 round reload, map design, slow slide animation to reduce wallbounce playstyle, the strange 1 hit range that still feels out of place, i suppose its hard for TC because they are trying to appease gow 1,3,4 and new players.

I have found myself investing a lot more time in escape and horde, down the line i hope they up date the MP to make it more appealing but now i just want a massive horde update with 25 wave variant, classic horde, maps designed just for horde and the ability to kill a leech that is trying to execute a team mate.

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The 6 Gnasher shots is such a bad move …


Yeah, the list of things you can put in “(this) is such a bad move” numbers into “several”, not even “couple” or “few”…

someone misses core gnasher

That’s weird, everyone I end up playing likes shooting me in the back of the head or face with the gnasher