Its a small thing but

Am I the only one that misses having one set of weapons for COG and being able to have a completely different set for Swarm?

Some sets work with one but not the other, then theres some that fit both sides which now that you can only have one set youre kinda forced to stick to those lol

No, you’re not the only one. It has been requested several times and so far the official response has been “no plans to change it for the time being”.

The store relies on selling skins but we hardly have any options to fine tune it to our liking? It’s not that we’re asking for a brand new super mega difficult UI to implement, Gears 4 had a great one.

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You know, I noticed this too and thought it was a bug. Now seeing it’s a design thing, that’s weak. I had a different load out customization wise for each of my characters. Why would they do that?

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It would be even better to set individual weapon loadouts for each character/skin, so you could have say, your Team Metal skins for a certain character, Team Rock for another. Same for Swarm. Or, if it went further, you could set default skins for something like default/Winter/Desert Kait but Chrome Steel skins for the Kait skin of the same name(I know that if I preferred default on the Campaign character skins but not the “non-canon”, so to speak, character model reskins, I would find it very tiring to have to keep swapping between the skins and end up changing them for every character nearly every time I want to use a different skin). If you have it. These are just examples, mind you. Can be applied to pretty much any other character.

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Great ideas guys, it would be nice… I know id like to at least have different sets for teams, characters would be cool too but at the very least different teams like 4 had. Cause I know on 4 I had certain sets Id only use on Swarm like Immulsion Juvie and Armored then there was sets id only use on COG like Gold, actually only one I can think of off top of my head, but there was plenty others I liked, but id use for either one, like Armored, Onyx or Onyx Gold, Black Steel when I was wearing Black Steel Kait or Myyrah

I can see the different characters though, as Id use Black Steel with my Black Steel Kait, but Gold when I ran with Vintage Reyna, Anya or most any COG

On another note though, ontop of the different set for COG different for Swarm I know I remember thinking before 5 came out, wish they did it for 4 too why I thought of it, which was having an option to set a whole set at once, ala have it where when you select a skin, say the Team Rock Lancer, when youre on that skin with different buttons you could set just the Lancer, or All Team Rock Skins that you own… allowing you to change complete sets MUCH quicker and still have option to mix and match individual guns if you wanted just by selecting them and doing the single skin