It's 2021 there needs to be a grenade indicator

90% of the time when I die from a frag grenade it’s because I was completely unable to see it or hear it. Also sometimes characters fail to even acknowledge one has been thrown. If there are gonna be grenade callouts at least make them 100% consistent. But if you can’t do that then there needs to be a grenade indicator. When you’re in proximity of a grenade there needs to be some sort of indication because the traditional ways of avoiding them are completely inconsistent in this game.


Nah it’s fine as is. People already evade from nades anyways. I think you just being aware of them in enemy hands should be enough. Check your tac com to see if they are on respawn.


Id be in favor of this in PvE only. The sound design in this game isnt the best so id be in favor of this.


Would you also like if it had a timer so you know when to run? Maybe you can also get a text prompt that says when you are out of range to avoid getting kill by the nade?

And what is going to be the only reason you will die from it. Normally, if you see a nade being thrown at you, you’ll be able to go unharmed. The only way to get a kill from a nade in this game is to throw it when people are unaware, trap them with double nades, or pushing them towards a nade.

Remember that nades in this game are considered power weapons, unlike games like call of duty that you spawn everytime with 1 in your hand.


I seriously consider nades (in my hands anyways to be bad). I try to trap people with them by tossing a nade in one direction and try to trap them in the other by lancer fire or whatever.
They have their use but you gotta seriously be unaware to get killed by one of them. Unless like you said, double nade.

I think incins are better suited for me anyways.


I’m bad with nades as well. It just takes a lot of patience to make good use of them which I don’t have lol


It doesn’t help that half the time the beeps sound off right the made explodes lol


Especially when sometimes certain sounds are muted then all of the sudden you die out of nowhere.



You’re completely ignoring the whole point of this post: the audio cues don’t always work. Just because a guy who I can’t see throws a grenade at me while I’m fighting another person doesn’t mean I should automatically be dead. If the grenade makes the sounds it’s supposed to make, a decent player should be able to use the cues to avoid it. There’s a difference between being unaware and not receiving the correct information.

Also, frags in Gears are zoning weapons, their main purpose is not to kill people unless you’re playing against a bunch of idiots. Which makes the lack of consistency with cues that much more egregious. As I said; they either need to make the sound cues 100% consistent or there needs to be an indicator. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy dying to phantom grenades.


This should 100% be a thing even if it is just for the PvE portion. Now that we have Locust Grenadiers who love to throw insane arc frags we need either perfect audio quality or a Call of Duty style grenade icon with direction.

For versus the grenades are fine and really the only time I die by them is if my death was inevitable anyway.

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I would agree with you there if everybody had Frags on their loadout. However, Frags need to be picked up, every 60 seconds (assuming your team gets it).

You are not supposed to always hear or see when a frag is being thrown at you. Frags are fine the way they are.

We could make that same case about Boomshot which has the same amount of charges as Frags (2) just with a slightly higher timer (90 Seconds). Which in this case is even worse cuz even if you see a guy with a boom, that’s it, you are dead.

They are both power weapons, they are supposed to bring relatively easy kills.


I can get behind a grenade indicator for PvE. The AI is too good with them. Humans are not nearly so dangerous.

A grenade indicator must be shown like how it was in Call of Duty.

‘A grenade icon with a pointer’ indicator pops up, when a grenade has been thrown near you.

Also, @ColeUn1verse is right. Audio cues don’t always work, so having a visual representation is useful.

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Grenades are ■■■■ enough already. So easy to avoid it’s untrue. Planted nades are laughable as well, completely sponge them most the time.

Need to have a bigger blast radius maybe if they did introduce an icon.


Yeah sure let’s CODify Gears even more. Smdh just go play warzone yo. i can hear grenades and call outs just fine. Do you play with music blasting in the background or something?

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The indicator for me is dying from one. Then I’m like, yup, they had a grenade.

Is that a flashbang? Dies Nope, it’s a frag lol

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That’s the only reason why I would agree, somewhat it is annoying that the horde sometimes doesn’t announce the fire in the hole and the clunk not playing.
Otherwise no please I like that there is no grenade indicator, you have ears people.

I can think of a few reasons why it would be nice in PvE:

  1. Tells you if you’re within damage range of a grenade
  2. It would be nice to tell what type of grenade (am I in immediate danger from a frag/shock or is it a flashbang I can ignore)
  3. Differentiate between enemy grenades and teammates (who wouldn’t have an indicator for their grenades) Especially after the recent Slugger buff