Items already in inventory showing as "new"

Its really getting annoying at this point that I keep “unlocking” items I already unlocked

Also not sure if this is affecting supply drops or not

Has anyone seen TC acknowledge this yet? I havent come across anything myself


Yes I am having this issue myself.


I had a mark reviewed as “New” after unlocking a different item from SD that was actually new. But both had the icon.

Latest weekly bug I presume.


I keep getting marks and banner that I know Ive had unlocked for awhile

I wonder if it’s whenever a new item is added to your collection, that seems to be when it happens to me, unlocking characters/skins/Supply.

I know its happening to others thats why I didnt start my thread like most people with “Is this happening to anyone else”

I dont think it is because Ive played a few horde games where all I got was scrap and still get the exclamation for something thats been unlocked

Who knows. I can try asking on Twitter.

Can you ask TC if they deliver pizza? I’m offering 100% tip on the order total.

I mean you’re just as likely to get a response

Good luck Ive given up on trying to get a response from any of them on twitter

I guess we’ll see. Or hopefully @GhostofDelta2 is more lucky?

That’s why I just go ahead and hit Y, I’m not worried about seeing what it could be anymore, usually when I unlock something new I already know what it is via tour, or I seen it in supply on my post match.

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To be fair you have a reputation

And what is my reputation???

This is happening constantly now.


No, I am constantly met with silence too.


I guess in order to get a response you gotta be a well known streamer or content creator


I fit that category