Item shop GREED

Has anyone else noticed TC makes the item shop for weekly items show “ NEW ITEMS IN 24 HOURS” just to put them on for another 24 hours before actually changing them to create an urgency to buy these items? F##k Micro transactions in this game. (Also why does everyone like delivery driver Mac? Please please please tell me. Is it because he was mentioned in the comic?)


Its a running joke on the forums.


Thanks! Sorry I’m not as into gears as I was before TC I’m trying to get back into it but what the actual heck has this game become?

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It follows a lot of the live service model where the base game is dropped then constantly updated to keep people coming back.

Very different from the old models of just dropping a game and putting out the odd bug fix patch.

Let’s pour a drink for gears 3 that game continues to blow my mind almost 8 years later. That ending should have been how it ended. I respect the revival but can I just bring up when Marcus stabbed the queen (I know her name I just don’t want to try to spell it forgive me) with doms knife. Ooooh I still get chills to this day.


Deliver driver Mac as become a meme in here on the forums due the “popular demand”.
Actually nobody’s likes him.


If they re release him, I’m buying it for the bants

I was expecting him to still have that knife :frowning:

Ironically, all of these live service games are far and away always more broken than titles that shipped out complete and were updated to the masses on occasion.


Clearly you don’t understand that all the talk about Delivery Driver Mac is legitimate. DDM is the best skin to ever grace this franchise. Nothing can hold a candle to DDM. For you to even insinuate that the love for Delivery Driver Mac is a joke/meme is an offense to this franchise and clearly shows that you aren’t even really an '06 vet at all.


I maybe didn’t pick up properly on how the store was going to run when details first came out, but I don’t like premium currencies. I don’t buy anything attached to them.

If however stuff is released for a £ cost, then I’ll look at it. Waiting for that First Minister Anya skin.

The item shop rarely has anything worth buying to begin with and TC has already stated characters will be earnable or buyable and will remain that way forever. character skins like delivery driver Mac will not return unless popular demand of course.

Myrrah! You dare not speak your Queen’s name?! >:(