Item shop content

Your guys items in the item shop are honestly a waste of time I’m not impressed by any of it either stop wasting your time making trash or spend more time on the items you want people to buy since you make us wait a week to upload new items in my opinion gears could do better with their skins based on the past

While I do agree that most of the store items havent been great I see a lot of people with weekly items so I doubt TC is gonna change anything right now

Lol yea cuz they are idiots the only thing worth a dam this week was the esports myrrah and the rock on bloodspray the other myrrah skins was obviously thrown together in about 5 minutes same with the banner and phantom skins shouldn’t rlly b in the store in my opinion and the kryll skins r a step in the right direction but could still b better


You could’ve at least tried to write a proper sentence.

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Black steel will always beat chrome steel imo.

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So… that means it’s all garbage?

This I do agree with. I hate the week waiting FOMO system. Would be great if we just got a large catalogue that grew by 1 skin a week instead of swapping out.

Yes because I love paying $20 for a starting skin set.

I don’t think we’re gonna see a Store overhaul anytime soon, if ever. Maybe we might get more things like 2 character skins a week when other content like maps finally slows down seven years from now.