It would be nice to be able to exclude the robot Horde

Give me imagos or drones. Either one I dont care. But I dont enjoy having que in and then back out and then back into a horde lobby just to get the rid of the Baird Robot Horde. I just dont enjoy that one. They are annoying and I dont like having to go all try hard at round 2(playing solo obviously). Just let me check the one I want in a custom Lobby.


Would be a nice feature but I doubt we’d see it any time soon.

It would be nice just to have more modes available.
Juvie Madness :crossed_fingers:


Something like gow4 monster mash


I would take Locusts over robots in horde… Any day.

We have Sires but no Locust? Come on give us the Locust already lol.

It would be nice you’re not stuck for 10 waves on the “theme” of the waves. I’d prefer the option to have different kinds of waves (like robots wave 1, drones wave 2) or some rare special waves. For example 50 juvies all at once or 25 rejects or something. Might feel more like a Horde game instead of max. 10 enemies at the same time.

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They can at least put Diaper Drone into Horde as Retro users. Call them Hybrids. Give then frags and retro Lancer. Have variants of them with pipes and gnashers, one with Boomshot maybe. Create a wave set with diaper drones.

@reckosz what you said 100. Why cant waves be all different. Or why cant each wave have all in each. Some robots, some drones, some imagos…even locust…