It would be nice if gears 5 added a theater mode

i was just wondering if we could get a theater mode for gears 5? think it will be and amazing tool to have for people like myself still trying to reach top tier of the game, a tool i can use to better plan strategy etc. thanks


I second this!

Yeah I remember someone asking Nodezero about killcams. IIRC, he said UE4 didn’t support killcams at the time of making Gears 4, but it does now. Maybe the same thing goes for theatre mode since Fortnite now has it?

If they did theatre mode like Fortnite where you could turn it on/off, that’d be dope.

Do killcams even matter when the input lag is so bad?

Do you mean network lag? But yeah I mean, it would show you a lot of BS which would make for nice clips