It would be great if

Super great if they came out with an option to completely lock out regions from play. I’m so sick of these high ping lobbies and that bull advantage they get. Need a feature that allows players to straight up not allow them to connect to players outside of certain regions because this “lower ping” matchmaking option is a ■■■■■■■ joke. You can have it selected all you want your still gonna be put in a lobby with at least 2-3 +100 players.


The game just quite simply isn’t popular enough for that I’d imagine

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Well, it would be optional so everyone would win.

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Lower ping mm is supposed to put u in a match with low ping, but not everyone else in the lobby will have low ping. For this to work everyone would need to set it to lowest ping, then u would get ppl from low populated places complaining of long wait times and no matches.

When i play with my friends its always set to fastest match so we mostly get put put on east US servers, i find that playing at 80/90 ping gives u kills were u dont think u should of gotten them using the gnasher.

Tbh the opinion of ppls ping in matches is the reason for losing is getting a bit old now, everybody has goog godlike matches then its somebody elses turn.

If u have trouble killing ppl in matches then u need to change and adapt ur play style.


this hurts the already problematic population issues. you complain about Rank disparity and yet we see suggestions like these?

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Call me selfish but I’d wait for a lobby like that.

Heck. I waited 30-45 minutes for a match back I. Op2 when match making was broken lol.

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LoL yeah your right I should change my play style and adapt to a guy straight up charging through an entire lancer clip of mine from half way across the map and shot gunning me or maybe I should adapt from running up behind a guy and putting two to three shots in his back for him to fart and blow me up cause he still ain’t even turned around on my screen yet or perhaps I’ll adapt to the person wearing all my shots on their characters midriff/chest like it’s a new fancy ever skin set LoL I’ll get right on that adapting part my bad.

I don’t give two about population issues that’s on TC for ■■■■ quality management of their game. I’ve loved this series since inception and I’m not personally going anywhere I’m a devoted fan I’m just saying I’d rather have the option to select a region lock. I’d rather have the game tell me nobody is on in my region or I gotta wait 20mins to find a match as opposed to getting thrown in a match were I’m at a clear disadvantage. I’m typically somewhere between 18-45 and the match majority isn’t. I’m also not complaining about +60-70 players I’m not totally unrealistic I’m talking about being put in match after match of +130 + 150 + 248. This also isn’t so much an issue in escape or horde this is an option I would want specifically for when I play PvP that I could choose to turn on or off.

I feel you on the whole “shooting someone in the back point blank, you explode while they’re pointing away” thing… So infuriating