It was the controller this whole time!

What’s your point… I’m the one that works and the wife does 99% of the shopping, she’s all the time buying the things that I won’t because they aren’t vitally necessary, like say… the xbox one she bought a few years back, didn’t need it, didn’t even want it really, but she bought it because she knew I liked gaming. She won’t buy games though because I know better what to look for there.

in the strict sense of the way there is no point.

its great that he got a xbox controller and I’m happy for him that it works better than the old one that he had.

pretty much that’s it.

My wife is a stay at home “mom” to our furry children, does all the cooking, cleaning, etc. irons my clothes and puts together my outfits for the whole work week. I work 40 hours a week to earn money, but she keeps our family afloat!


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I have the same organization on my home, I do all the work and my wife stay home with our 2 year old baby … :smile:

She has stated to me that she would like to work but I rather like for her to stay home. the world its a dangerous place as it is. :slight_smile:

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Why was I honestly surprised


It’s his birthday

… eh??

I’m thoroughly confused now, lmao.

It’s MY birthday (I’m the OP), and I’m confused as to why @RadishBeet would be “honestly surprised” at my wife getting me a birthday gift from a game series I enjoy

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He tends to post a lot of nonsense.


Its like a younger version of me. And that is very hard to do, considering my age XD


I have legitimately thought that before, when he first appeared I half suspected it was you.


Considering that i’ve dicked around with alts before, I can’t blame you


I’m surprised by another gears member on here having a wife but I shouldn’t at this point, if you’re birthday is the 9th, then HBD we have the same BDAY

Of course the only people here are either students with plenty of time to mess around in forums or people with families with little time to game who do it vicariously while at work :joy:

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I’m 16 and I have countless hours to post more threads than @GhostofDelta2 can possibly moderate

and no @GhostofDelta2 I don’t post nonsense, I am a zoomer with zoomer humor that you will never understand
I need help, I’m to starting to type like Daniel Zuñiga



That’s definitely a challenge

So Gears Zoomers and Gears Boomers, but no mention of the Gears Doomers in between?

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Doomers aren’t a generational thing

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Yea it is more mindset than generation, but it tends to label the early 20’s. Same with Go-Getters.

We got a nice spectrum going for Gears 'oomers.