It was the controller this whole time!

My birthday is coming up soon and my wife decided to buy me the Gears 5 Kait controller. I decided to give it a test by getting my ranked win of the week for the Grind Season achievement.

I’ve been playing TDM every week for that achievement because… well, because I suck and I’m always hoping my team can carry me to a win :rofl: I have never been good at versus on Gears, but I still have fun playing it and doing my best.

For some damn reason, I’m Silver 1 in TDM, so I was thinking to myself, “That ain’t gonna last long.” I was sure I would need to lose a few matches in order to get my win.

Got cued up into a match on Asylum. Ran for the sniper point up top, because someone ALWAYS goes for that sniper. Sure enough, there was somebody. The controller is feeling so good in my hand with the grips on the triggers and handles… I’m like, “screw it, let’s do this!”

Run up, POP (First! ribbon), round the corner, POP, head to the fountain, POP. It was CRAZY how good I was playing this match! I ended up carrying my team as MVP with 21 eliminations! And, for better or worse, I’m now Silver 2 after that match…

So CLEARLY it was the controller that fueled my sweaty gameplay. There’s absolutely no other explanation I’ll accept for such a stellar performance, lol! Thanks for the gift baby!


Lol, somewhat anecdotal evidence.
I have certainly experienced changes in my gameplay when changing hardware. However, I’d say this game is always up and down. Some weeks it’s as if every enemy I face has double the health, and weapons that do double the damage. Then the next week, it’s as if I put in some sort of cheat code and I am a one man wrecking crew.

Personally, I would say it’s the connection over the controller. But if you’re feeling good, the reason is irrelevant.


I swear this is so true. Some days its like “WTF i’m a god at this game!” and others it’s “How on earth did I ever get higher than silver?”



I’m going to agree,

Sometimes - when all stars align - your shots actually hit and the game is so fluid, everything is just right.

I think that’s what we all want for this game.


The other 80-90% of the time,

Yeah …


I’ve ran the GOW 4 Swarm controller just got the Kait but it came in with a slightly messed up Joystick that turns on its own at times-

Clearly (or at least, hopefully it was clear) I was being sarcastic about the controller being the x-factor, but it’s neat to hear that I’m not the only one to experience this, and this wasn’t the first time either.

There are some matches where I really surprise myself in how well I’m playing. Then I play the next day and it’s like I have no damn idea how to even move or shoot in a timely manner.

Yesterday was just a good day for me, and I only played the one match for the achievement, so I left it on a high note. Next week, I’ll probably get wrecked!


It’s sad how often I choose to do this in this game.
It’s like I know that the fun can run out at any minute.


Yes yes and yes. I should do this more often.
I was recently playing with a gold friend of mine (Diamond 2 myself) and the first game we played I MVPed by a good margin. “Ok” I think to myself, “I’m finally getting good at this game. No one can stop me!”
Next game…
I end up on the bottom of the scoreboard…
I should have left after that first game


This is the best thread on this forum in a long time.


wow man , that’s great and it also means that is a good luck controller without a doubt :slight_smile:

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This whole thread made me smile. I also try to leave on a high note because man oh man…the rage comes quick and is very real. Hahaha

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I also liked this thread… was a nice addition :slight_smile:

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Odd, mine does the same thing, slowly to the right and forward.

It’s funny. I might go through a whole pre-game ritual; grab snacks, mix a drink, play some hype music, get ready to go to battle for 3 or 4 hours. But… if I go off in the first match and carry a team in a glorious way, it’s “Thank you, good night!” And, I go do something else.
Doesn’t matter the game.

But, if I get bad teammates, if I screw up, then I’m losing match after match, I have to keep going like some degenerate gambler trying to turn his luck.


Though it’s not ideal, you can correct it by raising the inner dead zone setting (if it’s not maxed).

Have never adjusted those and definitely know about them, but I shouldn’t have to play with those because of poor craftsmanship

My wife bought me that controller too, as well as the JD Fenix one back in the day. The Swarm controller is a brick (won’t even power on) and the other has left stick drift :cry:

She was VERY wary about buying me the Kait controller, but I needed a new one and she knows I love Gears, so that was that.

Jealous of another woman. Classic

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Nah, she’s the best. We’re endgame :grin:

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I was thinking that my wife has never gave me a controller for present, however now that I remember I’m the only one that works hahahahahaa. :smile:

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