¿it was a bug? Escape rewards

So today’s weekly and daily hives are online and I manage to made both of them and I notice the xp rewards has no longer the boost that they have last two weeks (Not the iron boost).

I thought that was totally legal, for those who don’t get it when you got the 1000xp reward you actually get 3000xp I think same with the 5000xp > 15000xp.

If TC take this out, them im done with my search for the heroic skins, you must play FOREVER to upgrade beyond level 18 class

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I think the rewards bug out with some classes to be low. Every class I’ve used to get the class XP rewards on got the extreme amount(including Nomad on Ambush today going from ~70,000/80,000 to level 19), but my Infiltrator didn’t and always got a low amount of it regardless of whether I did the daily or weekly(on Gauntlet this week).

It is of course possible that TC stealth fixed it with the server update to bring the Horde event in, because we’re clearly not allowed to do anything to make things in the utterly pointless/excessive grind less grindy, and being blunt, it is piss poor if they did that because I can literally get the 15,000 class XP from the weekly hive either playing two Master Frenzies or running some Clock runs(~7) in one day. Both being roughly an hour, give or take a few minutes. Like, seriously, why on the planet do the rewards have to be so stingy? The coins are the worst. All the rewards given out I can easily obtain in a single day by just playing one hour.

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So, IT IS a bug.
Today I used my combat medic class and made both hives and I barely got half of the points need to upgrade
From lv17 to lv18.
Iron boost included

Last week hive
I used my tactician class (Keegan’s class) and got enough xp to upgrade
from lv 18 to lv20 with

Honestly I was surprised because last level needs 100k xp to get it ,it’s a bloody joke even with the iron boost.

Grindy as it is to have eighteen clases now I’m done with this.
It takes forever and weekly rewards doesn’t worth it.

Oh no don’t tell me they “fixed” the massive XP drops from daily/weekly hives. That was the biggest thing keeping me interested in them. Without them, then all I have is a few coins or xtra cards, which I could’ve easily gotten from from dailies and few surge/clock runs. I was liking the hive rewards, especially the xp drops, for precisely that reason: so I could get away from the monotony of standard grind methods of the previous Ops.


I only got ~17k class XP for my Infiltrator today doung a Master Gauntlet run. But I am not 100% convinced yet as the class had earned a low amount of XP from doing the Master Corruption daily at the start of Op 5 even though that had at least one XP reward too so it may be the class that’s just being stupid and bugged.

Hmm, I’ve done it today and got the boost. 150k xp for Tactican and the additional 10k for my Brawler (with boost).

If TC have changed it, it’s very recent, as I did mine at 3PM today, and at 5PM for the Ambush.

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I did Gauntlet after 7 PM(CET) when Classic Horde went live. Got no crazy XP boost. The Ambush run gave me the XP bonus as it was before, on my Nomad.

I still think it’s poor to just remove it without giving any explanation as to whether it was intended or not, assuming it is indeed gone and my Infiltrator isn’t just bugged beyond belief for XP earning.

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Good to hear. Well, if it’s a bug that needs to get fixed I guess I can accept that when they do fix it eventually. Still, I think it’s not a bad idea to keep the XP drop high enough that it’s seen as worthwhile so grinders prefer daily/weekly hives over Surge/Clock/Frenzy runs. I think it not only benefits the players, it benefits the community and interest in their game by rotating which hives are active on a daily basis.

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The way it worked was the reward listed was multiplied by a difficulty bonus, for example elite was worth 3 times, then doubled by boost and ally exp was given for the base plus difficulty modifier.

More simply it was reward listed multiplied by difficulty doubled by boost and then ally exp added at half rate.

Michael had previously stated that boost wouldnt impact on the class exp rewards so I am not surprised this has been nerfed


Where and when? Because I definitely didn’t see it here.

But this feels more like a kneejerk reaction that made the XP rewards close to worthless. 15,000 class XP over 7 days is effectively 2,142 CXP every day. The same can be obtained doing ~7-8 Master Clock runs or 2 Master Frenzies per week which really isn’t hard to do and is at most one hour of time commitment, or just slightly more, with Boost active of course. Even without it’s not much more time. I’d rather they kept it until deciding to either raise the rewards and/or make the weekly one doable several times rather than just once.

Because as it stands, outside of the extra card drops the daily/weekly rewards are just extremely poor and excessively stingy to say the least. What are TC going to lose by being actually generous with them?

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I believe it was on twitter, can go and hunt if you like. Edit: Not on twitter, must have been on one of the dev streams.

It figures that last night I had enough data to reverse engineer how the class exp bonus worked only to wake up and find it is changed.

It was fantastic the way it was and even if boost was left out of it the equation the rewards would be a great incentive for people to play PVE or for those who like PVE to attempt the game with different characters from their usual


Kinda Weird
Today I finished the gauntlet on master difficulty
Neither the difficulty or ally exp shows up

Only the base 1000 and 5000 xp

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That’s just a display bug. The rewards are still given out in the background usually if you see that.

Oh, so the actual official forums.

Sarcasm aside, I was thinking of looking for information there on this myself but stopped bothering quickly as other things caught my attention that I deemed more interesting.


I will try to reverse engineer the new system and work put exactly what has changed

Will likely take a few days though as I won’t be on much today.

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Thanks for the information, literally, I just found out how the xp system works in this Operation (Well, until today) I still don’t get it, does that mean increasing iron no longer has an effect on my xp class? Just to be clear. Man this kind of thing should be in the patch notes, I’m pretty sure I read them all and can’t recall seeing anything about iron boost or ally xp

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Boost should still impact on class exp by doubling it from regular gameplay. Boost doesn’t double the ally exp bonus though, just the base rate.

Thank god I already maxed the 5 tanks before this nerf.


Me too.

still have 12/19 to max out though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if TC adds achievements in future to max out another set.

I def see this as well but at least we have time to prepare. I figure assault will be next.

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I just finished gauntlet on master and only got 17K XP. So boost doesn’t even affect the rewards just regular XP

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