It us so blatantly and obvious to see with the naked eye that some people are moving faster than others

My sestivity is as high as it goes yet I see other players moving faster than me. I see them aiming faster. I see that they can input a bounce a few steps and make a shot that isn’t even aimed at me and get a kill in the amount if time it takes me to simply look left or right. How does a character bouncing have the ability to get a one shot kill on some one when they aren’t even aiming at their target than a person who us stationary clearly aiming at their target. Things like this is why the player pool is so extremely small. Stop making better graphic and focus more on the mechanics and the animation actually making sense. This is why so many people talk smack about gears. No one I know locally wants to play with me because they go up against others that can shoot through walls they can shoot bullets out if the tip of their gun at a 45 degree angle. They can run and shoot at the same time. They can shoot while mid bounce. It’s absolutely maddening that others on the playing field have the ability to do things that others can’t. If the slap shot is meant to be in the game why isn’t it taught in training grounds? If we are meant to shoot through walls why isn’t that taught in training grounds? If we are meant to shoot where some one isn’t standing and still get a kill why isn’t that taught in training grounds. Stop pretending like this stuff doesn’t exist a do better at your job and fix it. If some one can see these problems with the human eye then it most certainly be fixed on a program running on a computer moving faster than the human eye can perceive things. This isn’t the matrix it’s gears of war. Get it together. 5 additions and yall still can’t figure out something that was figured out in halo 3 like 15 years ago. Booooooooo to you


Boot Camp doesn’t teach anything worth teaching, so your questions about it are pointless since all it teaches in the first place is the bare minimum basics. They’d have to overhaul it.

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I’m being a smart a$$ with those comments obviously none of what I mention should exist in the gadd

If you’re playing Social, the bots are literally programmed to shoot through walls, since their camera sometimes goes the opposite direction their head goes.

This post hurt my eyes.


Do the players you’re talking about also use that pointless Facebook link you have spammed many times?


Noticed it only when playing the event. Normally don’t touch pvp

Read much as I could but I think I sorta have a grasp on what the topic is about. What you see could be multiple of things

  • KBM
  • Hardware difference (I don’t know if you own a Series X)
  • Kill Cams (These are not accurate)
  • Ping Difference

In Gears online play nothing is ever as it seems and by that I mean whats on your screen isn’t always going to be what someone else sees. This is why 99% dmg exist.



Get one of these and use it, OP. Judging by your other threads you desperately need it.


One thing I agree with is the bit about being shot through walls, one example being canals mid bridge, but there are others. If a player is able to aim at you that fact should be supported by what is physically possible for his character model and gun to aim at in the third person view. It should not be shown behind or going through a wall.


I mean, shots that look like they miss and still land is most often a product of lag or processing on the game’s side, no?

And you can say it’s not taught in-game. But there’s loads of resources online to find help for the more advanced metas. You came onto the forums to scream “Game bad, no good,” instead of “Could someone help me with this?”

Attitude is everything. Mostly. Anyone with an opinion worth half a damn is going to overlook this as an opinion that’s been restated since launch. Demanding change makes you look like a sore loser who wants the game to cater to you instead of getting better at understanding the meta and niche details.



Also some people use paragraphs and grammar and others don’t.
I know that is much harder to see, but it is the truth…THE TRUTH.


@SnubbbS please stop


someone get him another mouse to increase his advantage

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At the risk of fanning the ever growing flame that is the “mandatory crossplay” conversation, I’d say what OP is describing sounds a lot like a player who is using a Keyboard and Mouse. If you ever see a player that turns 180° in a tenth of a second, its usually because they are using a mouse.

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M&M play is best.

Not wanting to get shot through cover is catering to us?

It seems to get worse the more you level up too