It’s gears 5 not 4 stop comparing!

Same thing can be said about most of those who dislike the game; they don’t touch the forums either. To say that most love the game simply because they’re playing it is a bit bold.

Only time will tell whether the game has satisfied the masses and we don’t see a major dip in the number of concurrent players or if the game failed to keep people happy and most of them leave for greener pastures.

I agree with you on one thing though, the complaints will be much less as time goes by. All Gears forums have always been like this when a game gets released.

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Fair point but even if the numbers exaggerated I just through numbers out there. This forum is full of people who play mp. There are a whole lot of people just playing the story and horde perfectly happy with the game. I of course don’t know the exact numbers but I do know the gaming world is a lot bigger than the gears forums.

I’m curious as to where you get your statistics from. People who come to game forums are the game’s passionate base and are the ones who will support and play the game engaging in TC’s monetization plan long term - not the new casuals who will play it for a couple of weeks and trade it in or discontinue their game pass. It is in TC’s best interest to service the long term franchise veterans or the game will go the way of Judgement and they will not reach their monetization goals.

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You don’t feel the clunkiness? This game feels like a fat kid trying to run and God forbid he stops to run a different direction. Hit detection is God awful. Aiming feels weird. Countless times ive noticed the rhythm of shots are off. Pulled the trigger with no reaction done and I get blasted. Shot plenty of other players first with a full shotgun blast to the teeth, any closer I’d put the shotgun through their head. Yet I get killed from their one shot and it registered as 95% damage. We are comparing it to a game that almost got it right but it died and so will this one, but even faster. It’s not so much about gears 4 but more one that worked well. No doubt it’s a new game and the mechanics should change but why take away everything that was great and start all over again? Things should get better as they go not “get used to this now”.

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What? That’s like asking people to not compare GTA 5 and 4 when they’re in the same franchise. Dumb take right here.


Don’t compare The Dark Knight to The Dark Knight Rises! :roll_eyes:

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dude in all honesty they can give us gears 4 and call it gears 5 and not change anything just a new story and new mp maps and these people will still complain.


It’s gears.that means I expect a core shotgun game with support rifles, now its cod with 2 shot rifles, boltoks, explosives, 800 flash bangs. Its like say Counterstrike 2 would be ok to but aim down sites and nukes in it because “lol its a new game adapt”. This is not a gears of war game, this is a PR game thats trying to get casuals to buy a game pass. Its shocking

man, every second match I had in 4 felt different. all of a sudden people are talking like 4 was/is flawless.


People are going to compare it because TC like a few developers (Bungie namely) FAIL to learn from the mistakes they made before. The game in all honesty SHOULD play more like 4. It makes no sense to spend 3 years refining and updating a game, only to throw all of that out the window for the sake of making something new. I fail to understand why they couldn’t just update the graphics, slightly change the multiplayer to accompany new weapons and mechanics, but keep the base that they made in Gears of War 4. Their decision making truly baffles me.

“but I do know the gaming world is a lot bigger than the gears forums.”

I agree. No on can truly know what the general consensus is on the game. All we can rely on are the few people who voice their concerns/sing their praises in the forum and social media.

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Don’t have any statistics as I said I’m throwing numbers out there if you read my post. Just have reviews and the common sense to know a game released on steam, windows and Xbox has plenty of people who like it including myself. Reviews are mixed on steam and not negative with most of the bad reviews only because of frustration due to servers. Gears forum isn’t the only populace for gears conversation.

Lol yeah devs can’t win if they don’t do something new it’s stale and boring and if they do it’s stupid. There’s plenty I don’t like I’m just not ready to forsake a game right at launch. Gears 4 was horrible at launch not sure how people could forget the hammerburst melting people more than this new lancer.

I’m open to changes. I understand the game needs to be fresh. That’s why I’ll begrudgingly accept the new ridiculous omen. I’ll even accept the slower movement, maybe.

I will not accept the aim assist. I won’t accept the flash bangs every spawn. I won’t accept the lancer that will down you in 1 second.

Mixed on Steam is never good and usually the sign of a troubled game and as you mentioned the technical issues are probably driving those particular reviews. That being said the Gears faithful are on here and on reddit and an uproar among the devoted fandom is definitely NOT a good sign here or there…thinking of Battlefield 5 right now as a good equivalent. There are a large number of people who only play Gears for Horde as well so the uproar about Horde is telling and TC really needs to correct this or at least offer a classic Horde mode along side of the current revamp.

I’m not saying that there aren’t people who don’t genuinely like the game, I’m really enjoying the campaign myself but as a Horde player I am heavily considering buying pitchforks and torches at Home Depot this weekend as I haven’t been this put off by my favorite mode since Judgement (I did enjoy the campaign in Judgement) and this opinion definitely isn’t an outlier.

bit late but, you’re saying apple and oranges when it’s more like comparing braeburn to bramley.

Source: I know my apples.

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I’m a gears faithful and I like the game. It definitely has some big issues The lancer is annoying the flashbangs are annoying and the aim-assist is ridiculous. This can be fix and all without throwing temper tantrums and calling TC garbage and they should be fired and all the other toxic nonsense that goes on in the forum. Let them do some updates maybe they’ll fix these issues. Steam mixed is not a bad sign as most reviews were negative from server issues. Anyway I’m done debating hope they make horde how you like it! Let’s cross our fingers for a lancer nerf!

Some people just don’t like change I guess.

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I completely agree that civility is required or the player feedback will be ignored. Civility however must run both ways since calling the feeback temper tantrums is really just a way for many people (not saying you are doing this) to attempt to legitimize the complaints instead of listening and engaging in a constructive dialog while admitting that certain design decisions were ill thought out or just unpopular with the long time players. I’ve seen the downplaying and “temper tantrums” on both side of the issue and as a community that really gets us no where fast. That is one reason that I state that they should bring horde back in its older format side by side with the new version so people can play Gears they way they enjoy it even if they way they enjoy Horde is with the new system.

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