It’s gears 5 not 4 stop comparing!

It’s a new game & from my perspective still needs a bit of tweaking, but we can’t compare it to gears 4 or any other gears it’s a totally different game.


It’s going to get compared because it’s in the same franchise and it’s a sequel. Similarities and differences are expected. It’s not a completely different game and there are certain expectations since it’s in the same franchise. There will never be stopping in comparison. That’s the nature of the beast.


Fair point mate, but I don’t see the point in comparing it if I’m honest, just my perspective.

Point is that when you have a franchise there needs to be some loyalty and expansion. Comparing the feel, making sure it’s in line with what the series is known for, etc. If they were two totally different games in different series’ I’d understand, but it’s all Gears so there’s some comparisions to be made.
Fact is, there are some liberties taken with the game but it still has the Gears feel. I like some things, hate others, but that’s neither here nor there.

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Yeah true, I think people are just hating it that much because it feels so different you know ?

There are a lot of bugs and problems with it at the moment. Also some very questionable design choices. If there’s hate, it is legit to them. There are quite a few things I’m frustrated with right now and the fact that they’ve taken away player freedom of choice and just released a bug filled mess is an issue.


Totally different game? Except for most of it is the same characters, guns, mechanics, structures, etc and they took away a lot of the things people liked in Gears 4.

You can love the game, but this argument has no legs.


I’m sorry who am I arguing with ?

A bit of tweaking :rofl:


Can’t help you there. I stated some facts. If you’re arguing with someone you have to figure that out on your own.

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lmao think before posting. its another entry in the gears franchise and missed the mark by a metric ton. its judgement 2.0 as the majority has been calling it and for good reason. you can like it all you want, that doesnt mean people wont call the game out for how it has deviated from its predecessors and not in a good way.


Why not?, It’s a sequel :crazy_face:

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A bit of tweeking ??? you want to say: TEN TONS
a game like gears who is out for 16 years with millions of players and who cost 100 of millions
need to be at minimum correct at start. It is not a demo anymore, this is not the first opus. It is unbelievable this company destroyed something like that, so badly!

  • horde is a mess, gameplay is awful
  • server have issues
  • rewards are crap
  • classes are useless
  • balance is a joke
  • skill system is passable
  • this game is full of marketing crap (halo, terminator, forza … )
  • pve and pvp maps do not match with each other
  • and the campaign is ok, but a little boring
  • amount of amo are stupid
  • character are locked
  • and the content is ridiculous

Remember gear 3 when they open the game for everyone ? The content was amazing, WITHOUT ANY ISSUES !
this one looks like Robocop 2 when they change his code and it become nuts.

Then, i am sorry but NO
TC need to understand we are not goats.
We are the base, the fans, the players who are here from the last 16 years and be taken for living wallets is not possible. Transforming a very good game for the last 13 years (i supress 3 for judgment) into THIS
PIECE OF CRAP is unaceptable. OR AT LEAST give us a demo for the PVE and PVP this way we can be sure but ATM this is just $$$$$$$$$ and almost all the multi players games are a MESS.

But as they said: “we are going to give you one of the best gow! You are going to remember the same feeling than playing gow 2” Yes sure, and my a*ss is made of gold.


They want to get rid of the base, the fans, the players who are here from the last 16 years.


What a dumb thread.


" looks like robocop 2" best comparison I’ve ever heard!!


Of course we can compare it, it’s the game game. We should be focusing on make the best version of Gears possible, not the most differentess version from the last game. If they wanted to make a new game they should do that, or if they’re just using the Gears name to cash in on their new ideas that isn’t right either.

For every 10 people on here who hate it there’s 1000 who love it. Unfortunately people come to forums more often for dislike than like in the beginning. I love it and see tons of potential with some tweaking it’ll be great. People are also quick to forget other launches gears 4 was rough with tuning as well in the beginning. It’ll all get ironed out and the haters will grow to love it or move on.

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"For every 10 people on here who hate it there’s 1000 who love it. "

That’s a bold assessment. Most people I know who play the game have moved on because of the bugs/server issues or they simply didn’t like it and have never stepped foot in an online forum, regardless of whether they want to trash or praise a particular product.

The game isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be IMO, but to say that 1000 out of 1010 people love this game seems improbable.

Not a bold statement at all this game can be purchased on steam,windows and xbox There is a whole lot of people playing the game and enjoying it that don’t touch forums. Just looked it up steam alone gets 90 million users daily. Of course not all bought gears 5.