It’s been a month change the gib range ffs

Sort it out it’s been 4 weeks and you’ve not changed the massive gib range . You’re beyond a joke !

You soon make a update to sort the volume out for the esports but won’t fix the actual big problems

Ridiculous development


TC won’t change it back.

The less skill it needs the better for them to have noobs come in.


What if…

The gib range didn’t change? But the slide animations hurtbox did?


Standing still and get killed a mile away . So…

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That what I thought, unintentional but happened

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I bet I can show that it’s the same.

Yeah whatever’s happened isn’t good. Range is laughable putting me completely off PVP at the moment

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I have no idea at this point why you continue to play a game you hate so much. You hate everything about the tuning and now the gib range, have you perhaps considered you are part of the problem continuing to play it despite the obvious hatred?

There’s no other game like it. Literally no other and when it works it’s still enjoyable. Even with all the scrub tactics in this game like aim assist and increased gib range there’s still a high skill barrier if you just some new guy looking to pick up the game. Meaning if you got into a battle with someone who plays it religiously knows the bounce and all the mechanics, pretty much a gears vet , that beginner would get smoked 99% of the time. Very little other shooters out there like that. Even in COD someone can blast you from behind or just land more shots in a gunfight. And even then if you don’t like COD it’s other similar FPS shooters you can move to for that similar experience. Or with a fighting game if you don’t like one you can move to the other and still feel kinda at home. Gears not so much


This whole “ppl are feeling the gib range has change” needs to stop.

Starting to look rather idiotic.

If you think the range has changed. Give actual proof. Video or photo. Atleast something to back up your claim.

Honestly TC kilo is partly to blame for this.

@TC_Kilo1062 Could you please talk with Jonathan Taylor about it and give a proper response? Unlike the one you gave on stream.


It’s clearly obvious the gib range is bigger other wise people wouldn’t be complaining about it would they ?

I think playing the game day in day out and playing hours and hours . You can tell /see/ feel the changes to the game .

If you can’t see it you must be delusional and blind and not very good at the game


Anybody that has a brain can figure this out. Its obvious.

I love gears but this tuning they have done has ruined it for me . The only game I looked forward to playing and get my release from all this COVID lockdown stuff . And I just can’t play it no more it actually bores the hell out of me . And to watch the franchise crumble into this is very worrying .

I don’t play it anymore . I played it for the first time yesterday since op 6 release and it really really annoyed me how rubbish this tuning , this responsiveness , and the stupid ■■■ massive gib range which is helped by the strongest aim assist I’ve seen since launch .

I’m just curious it’s been a issue for many like myself and many others that the gib range is far to big and it’s been a month and nothing has been done about it and no words from the developer which is poor for in my opinion

I find the gib range at the moment to be very embarrassing. Watching the esports and you see players getting killed from shots that shouldn’t of killed them before this op6 changes .

The gap in between the players killing each other you can fit 3 other players in that gap it’s a shocking decision .


We can all feel the changes yes but it is the people that come on here and complain constantly that get these changes put into the game. Please stop complaining and learn to deal with it and they will stop messing with weapon tuning.

The GIB range is ridiculously easy. I can’t believe this tuning was thought of as a “Good Idea”. Its mind blowing how this gets threw testing? This is not COD! It’s making this game as easy as possible is what ruined this game in the first place. Now TC quadruples down on the noob play with the worst GIB range tuning ever!

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Basically walking around with 8 sawed off rounds atm. Gears PvP has become a joke.

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G5 is climbing in most played list , THAT is what they are wstvhing, directly and indirectly.

Easier game = more players, playing longer.

you can bet they wont revert, might even make it more so, just wait…