It’s about the two tourneys

How do I get in the tournament play. I heard there were two happenings An was jus curious about it

Post a comment on the thread with your team name and members, like the post instructs. :slight_smile: I think for the 4v4 one, you have to register on some website for your team. All instructions are in the post though.

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Loryat: Appreciate your assistance on getting our event out. Thank you!


But I wonder, If I just don’t have a team or I am looking into one, I am pretty much screwed? Because I think I am :confused:

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I think you can try posting that you need teammates in the comments of the thread. You need to get a team together somehow though. You could post asking for teammates to several other places like the Wanna Play? section of these forums, Reddit, Xbox, etc.


we can add you to a free agent list and you can try and see if the others on the list want to team up

Hey guys…
Since the question has been answered, and have been directed to the threads of the tournaments. Let’s keep the discussion on those threads to avoid having multiple threads, and keep them on the official topics.

Thank you.

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