It really bugs me

When playing horde why don’t the person playing engi put decoys out to distract the horde, instead they just use sentry to kill everything and the team gets wiped

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Sounds they need to make EVEN MORE SENTRIES!

And maybe a couple of decoys and barriers.


Precisely. If you have enough sentries placed in the right places you shouldn’t be getting wiped out. :wink:

Although I would suggest that the Engineer places them near to cover so they can repair during the wave while under fire.

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No delta, sentries only, this is how one becomes a true engineer.

Maybe one level 2 scarecrow decoy just bc it looks hilarious.

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Woah! Let’s not go crazy with the money! You need to have surplus money to upgrade the sentries to level 4! The Scout would need to double 99% of the money during the game to afford that.

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Eh lvl 3 mg sentries are usually sufficient with the speed and capacity cards.

Lvl 4 shocks are all you need and pretty hilarious things to watch. Esp with that rof increased.


Yea, I don’t play with public engineers anymore. The people I play with know I want to actually fight (you know, like in a video game) so my friends with just lay down fortifications that support the team, not compete against them.


Heh. I was just messing with the original poster. :wink: But yes the level 4 machine gun sentries arent worth it. The shock sentries at levels 3-4 are brilliant though. Often I see people not use them enough which is a shame. The shock effect stuns and slows the enemy down so it staggers the number of enemy charging at and firing at you at the same time. They’re so under rated! They also reload much faster as well.


That’s what I’m saying

Yeah me to :joy: just some harmless satire.

I often wonder on these sorta threads how skilled the posters are in horde, in my experience running engi I’ve only ever resorted to heavy sentry use to compensate for portly performing dps classes.

I don’t recall having ever run into an engi that ever managed to build enough sentries to ruin my experience, although I tend to snipe, or if I’m in social I might volunteer to be the power b****… Uh I mean scout… On occasion. So most of the time I’m unaffected by sentries as my kills are out of their range.

I had load of games where the engi has just built sentry all game and ruined the game in my opinion i would rather fight than use sentry all the time shocks sentry on the other are worth buying as it helps the team

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I’ve played a lot of horde, and I’ve yet to see a game where I couldn’t go out and “fight” anytime I wanted to regardless of the number of sentries (minus the energy glitch week). Saying they ruin the game may sound hardcore or cool to some people,…but I have played a lot of games where people who thought they were real slayers ran around dying every round.

The only thing I can figure is people who complain sentries do all the killing must play well behind the sentries (almost always located near the fabricator).

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Recently I have had engineers who want to use sentries as the last resort instead of putting them in the front line for some reason

sitting in a corner holding knees rocking with bloodshot eyes
“More sentries…sentries…we need more…”


Because it might be early Waves like Wave 1 to 5 or 10.
Once an Engie may have finished with Barriers and Sentry placements, they may resort to spending the remaining Power on Decoys.
But during early Waves, they are better spent on something else useful like Barriers, Sentries and Lockers because limited Power.
At least this is what I do, I can’t speak for other people’s strategies.
I usually have mainly MG Sentries until Level 3 then ratio of Shock to MG being 50 : 50 or above.
Sometimes I’d go with full-on Level 4 Shock Sentries.

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Are sentries really all that useful in the first 10 waves?

Not particularly, it is cheaper to buy them lvl 1 and upgrade them later though.


Useful at getting people to quit. Lol.

ah, yeah. That makes sense.

I have played with a few engi’s that dump sentries at the back of the base early on when they can afford to spend the credits and then bring them forward later after they have been upgraded.

I realise I kind of answered my own comment here, but the guy did mention placement so I’m guessing he isn’t doing this.

Also I don’t mind about sentries, I just hate when they box us in and you have to pick up and drop to actually get out of the base (I play scout predominantly, so even more frustrating for me).

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Yeah that really bothers me, although Tbh I backseat the engi role alot.
If the engis just plopping stuff around thoughtlessly I’ll give them a quick schooling in effective swarm management.