It keeps kicking me out

Why the game keeps kicking me out in the middle of Versus matches?
It’s more common in Ranked modes than the Quickplay ones, and my ping is somewhere between 80-100, but that shouldn’t be the issue since I’ve got no packet loss at all.
It also happens in horde, but it’s less common.

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Paid the internet bill lately?

That’s kinda rude tbh & not helpful at all.



Is it Xbox or PC you play on?

Any other game experiencing this?

Do you get a error code or any screen after getting kicked?


I get the exact same problem, during the game it looks like I have lagged out (everyone running into walls, you know what the rest looks like) and then the party chat would go quiet, so I’d look on the party chat and it said everyone else in the party was trying to reconnect except for me, and my friends list was still appearing so my Xbox could still tell who was online, and then i would go to a loading screen because now I have been kicked out, and then I’d get a message saying ‘you have been removed from the game’ and return to the main menu.

The game would then say ‘connecting’ in the bottom right hand corner as if you have just loaded the game and then all your friends list appears, and then it says ‘would you like to rejoin the match’ and then I rejoin the match with the exact same points etc from when I was kicked, the party chat returns and then I’d be able to play again, and then it could happen again after a few minutes or in a few games I haven’t got a clue. This was also when on a wired connection going into a WiFi booster, but nothing indicates the WiFi booster has disconnected and everything in the house is still connected it’s the most frustrating thing. So now I’m on WiFi to the WiFi booster and it’s fine, like wtf is going on.


It happened the same to me twice at over 40 rounds of horde. I even suspect it happened exactly at 42 both times.

I couldn’t have explained it better myself.


Happened to me 4 times in a row on a masters game on canals.

Its been happening all week for me, im usually at 50-60ping and suddenly it goes as high as 2000ping, kicks me out everytime. It only happens when playing gears 5. Im on pc.

Both Xbox and PC. I believe it’s not related to platform as this is related to the game servers.
It kicks you out and connecting menu shows up, like you have disconnected from the servers altogether.

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Been kicked out of two consecutive horde games on master today. Pahanu after wave 5 and All fathers at wave 23.

Same exact story, don’t have this problem with any other game only gears 5, I feel like I’m wasting my time playing this game… I just keep getting banned last time it was 15 hours! Tho I try to rejoin every match I get booted from. If this continues I’m surely gonna have to drop this game. Smh anyone have any tips for stability online?

This seems like it is a on going issue. I have not been banned from the game. I have my internet connection wired to the xbox one x console. I have a ping under 70 most all the time. I also use my controller and headphones wired to keep reaction time quicker. I’m playing Gears Five Operation 4. I don’t own the game I’m subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate , yes it is paid up till 2021 and same with the internet provider.

It is August 01, 2020 and am hoping to get a answer or help to resolve this ongoing issue with Gears 5 Op 4 over the last 7-10 days. Thank goodness no other programs are crashing.

I am looking for solutions if anyone here has found one. Any constructive help is welcomed. As i love the multi-player platform , the reason i play gears games. I have also been booted from a campaign and het another error message saying the program is unable to save. This happens not when im trying to save my progress…

Any help?

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Yes does any one has an answer? It is very frustrating every single time I get disconnected, I have a very good connection, I have a decent PC and keeps disconnecting me, On every game play, even when I play escape alone, it kicks me out… the network icon appears and then boom i get kicked out…

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Nastyy INinja


So once again, for no reason Ive been kicked from a ranked game saying I have been removed, for those that don’t know what I am talking about refer to Here .

This is beyond frustrating when I get removed from the game and the join back feature is no longer a thing like previous operations, I was against a five man that we were going to win against and I’d just got into diamond 3 on my way to masters, now I’m back to diamond 2 because the game is incapable of keeping me in the lobby never had this in any other gears’ to say it is frustratingis an understatement, are they aware of this at all???

If anything this should be the number one thing TC are working on.


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What a fraud of a company, sell a broken game and doesn’t even fix it. I can’t play the special events because every time I load in I get a “you have been removed from the game” error… TC is pathetic

It’s been happening to me on a constant basis.

I’m having a very similar issue, but by any chance you have spetrum? I just switched internet providers a few weeks ago and I have a feeling that may have something to do with it.


No disconnection notice or symbol? Were you playing with randoms? You may have been kicked by the host of that horde lobby.


Anyway, you were kicked by the host. That’s unlucky.