It is impossible to complete Gearsball skins

The new Horde event Gearsball skin set is taking a long time been at it all day no lie this skin set way to hard to complete TC did say this

given the random nature of the drops, we’re talking about how we’ll ensure collectors can complete the missing items from their collection near to the end of the event.

Man it’s been out barely one day and the challenge is up for a week keep trying a little longer if you want those common skins that badly, I have more than half in only two ~45 min runs

The problem is the less number of weapons skins you need the harder it is to complete the skin set give it a try this is hours long that I’ve been playing horde all night and morning for one skin and it’s impossible to complete

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that is true man. if you are already so close I think not going to be impossible! maybe just try one more run :wink:

I think they have said that after the event is over, they will let you craft the rest of the skins you are missing (for a limited time). So just get most of them and call it a day :slight_smile:

I’ve got all of them except for Hammerburst and Torque Bow. That’s on about six complete playthroughs.

I just went with Scout using Health Boost L6, Shotgun Damage L6, Health regen L5, Speed Boost L5 and Dodge L4. Then just kept running up and down. Trackers kill themselves, you take next to no damage and then you unload your shotguns on the boss waves.

Why is it this same rarity skins never seem to ever drop the populars ones first such as the Gnahser and Lancer? I keep getting the boomshot, dropshot, embar and enforcer over and over again.

They may all be green but i swear they secretly increase the odds of the popular ones on purpose.

Its the same with packs, you will alwasys get the Gnasher version of a skin near the end and loads of dupes of the others, dont think ive ever really scrapped dupes of Gnasher skins.

TBF, i dont even like the skins and i love football. They just look so lazy.

Yeah, it’s always gonna be a 1 in 14 chance of getting any particular skin. Once you’re down to the last 1-3 or so, the odds become much harder to get one you haven’t got. And like probability because we’re dealing with an infinite number of skins, what you previously got is irrelevant - every time you get a card, it’s always 1 in 14. I know of a couple of people who have got lucky and managed to get them all, but it took around 20 odd runs - so that’s 80 cards given out.

Poor collectors.

Playing a lame event for lame skins.


Is this true I’m frustrated to complete the set I always get dupes, can anybody confirm this

Yes it’s true

awesome im missing the last 3 and running waves after wave for a common scrap isnt worth my time and so as every gears players here cheers bro!

They could’ve atleast made them epics so the scrap is above average if they knew collecting all of them would’ve been impossible.

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Just got the Hammerburst so that completes my set.

I’ve played 10-15 games to unlock all the weapon set…
I think that’s system reward is too random. You can have dupes, dupes and dupes only, during long times… Not cool ! I’ve played 4-5 last games only for my last skins : Enforcer and Retro - and i know i’m lucky if you compare with others players -

Moreover, at first days, all players want skins and play the full 25 waves games. After a week, it’s more and more hard, because lot of quitters in the 10-20 waves… It’s a fact. They have got the skin what they want ? Just use the stupid 20 waves bonus card ? Quitting the game and penalizing the rest of the team - Thanks, fools ! :rage: -

The real problem is the same, month after month, and don’t change : RNG is HORRIBLE and bring FRUSTRATION. This reward system is so bad : totally unbalanced with RNG.

I’m not a rage player, i have lot of critiques but give an idea :
An option can be possible : with a minimum quantity of waves played, you could obtain a button to claim all the last skins missing ! This option could permit to unlocked last skins when we are too unlucky.

The same with RNG packs in general… You can buy lot of esport packs with real money and don’t unlock the character you want. Hey TC, it’s crazy. This actual system IS SCANDALOUS JOKE !
Since the beginning, we are disappointed with RNG, but no change. It’s too bad.