It hurts to see gears go down the gutter

it died because the pace of the game was much faster than gears 2.

execution and gears 2 was the best moment in gears .

Execution is dead in the newer iterations because it doesn’t play the same anymore. Execution just feels weird and boring in 4/5. Also you have no idea what you’re talking about. Gears PVP was made popular by Warzone in gears 1 and execution. TDM doesn’t belong in gears get over it. I only play gears every once in a while now instead of every day because i’ve moved on to other games, one for example Hunt: Showdown. If you’ve ever played it, imagine they added a team deathmatch mode to that game. It would be absolutely horrible but the most popular because of all the casual idiots would go play it instead

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lets not called casuals idiots. thats just unwarranted because they just play the game just to play.

besides that i do agree.

Its because nobody wants to play UE anymore. It died right after gears 4 came out. I cant even find a TDM match nowadays due to it being 6 years old.

I’m actually surprised considering how many people supposedly wanted a gears 1 remaster but yet nobody plays it :face_with_monocle:


Feels good to be a TDM AND Execution enjoyer.



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I can go find a game literally right now bud. You searched the wrong game mode/server. I can find a game in a few minutes as apposed to searching for hours for a gears4/5 ranked match

What server and mode do you recommend then bud?

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Any mode bud


I dont think it allows non 06 vets to play UE :pensive: