It hurts to see gears go down the gutter

i play thumb(not claw) you can do it bro.
turn your camera a bit more and hold a after .(Forward.)

i showed it can be done consistently check my thread vid. The Newest TOXIC move in 2021!

Lol no
Long live tdm

Can I be the first one to point out that @CeIticsFan’s pfp suits them perfectly


I’m surprised it’s not a 360p picture of Marcus.

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My opinion it comes down to money. Its a Microsoft owned title at the end of the day. And unfortunately TC has to serve its master. The goal of any company like Microsoft is to make money. And having a game like gears being in a good state for too long takes away from other games that will show more profits.

I’ve been paying attention over the years and it seems like when a game like gears thats owned as an exclusive title gets really good and hits its peak. The studio then is forced by Microsoft to start systematically pulling back, and starts persuading players to just leave and play the next new game that costs another $60 to $100 USD. Then that game starts to suck then the next one. Rinse and repeat. Pay attention and you will start seeing it too.

But look at games coming from independent studios making games titles that are not owned by an entity such as Microsoft. The Games they make are good for many years and keep getting better because of the obligations to make more money based off the life of the games. Because their next big title is years down the road.

Just saying the longevity of gears games was forever when it was EPICS, and not Microsoft. If TC had the rights to Gears and Microsoft has no say, our game would be much better.

Epic made that one. And Microsoft was paying for the privilege to have the exclusive back then. I know realize that Microsoft owning the franchise is the worst thing that could have happened to gears.

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This doesn’t happen lol

“Well gears 3 had it :thinking: and I’m sorry oh wise one I didnt know gears had to be solely competitive :pensive:
Execution, guardian and koth don’t have to be competitive either but gears of war IS competitive. Just because it was in gears 3 doesn’t mean it was a good game mode. It was horrible in gears 3 because of how you could just camp with a broken lancer/hammerburst. Gears 3 was also a bad gears game imo. You also weren’t forced to play tdm in gears 3, you could choose. In UE for years you have only been able to play TDM. The exe servers aren’t even up anymore which is what made gow 1 what is it, that and warzone

Just did over the last two years lol :man_shrugging:

Can’t pathom that any moves were made to keep the playerbase.

You’re forced to play TDM in UE because the game is 6 years old and nobody plays it. You’re stuck in the past dude. Get over it.

If execution was so great, it wouldn’t be completely dead in every single iteration of Gears that exists. I personally like execution, but it’s not hard to realize diehard execution fans are few and far between.

it died because the pace of the game was much faster than gears 2.

execution and gears 2 was the best moment in gears .

Execution is dead in the newer iterations because it doesn’t play the same anymore. Execution just feels weird and boring in 4/5. Also you have no idea what you’re talking about. Gears PVP was made popular by Warzone in gears 1 and execution. TDM doesn’t belong in gears get over it. I only play gears every once in a while now instead of every day because i’ve moved on to other games, one for example Hunt: Showdown. If you’ve ever played it, imagine they added a team deathmatch mode to that game. It would be absolutely horrible but the most popular because of all the casual idiots would go play it instead

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lets not called casuals idiots. thats just unwarranted because they just play the game just to play.

besides that i do agree.

Its because nobody wants to play UE anymore. It died right after gears 4 came out. I cant even find a TDM match nowadays due to it being 6 years old.

I’m actually surprised considering how many people supposedly wanted a gears 1 remaster but yet nobody plays it :face_with_monocle:


Feels good to be a TDM AND Execution enjoyer.



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I can go find a game literally right now bud. You searched the wrong game mode/server. I can find a game in a few minutes as apposed to searching for hours for a gears4/5 ranked match

What server and mode do you recommend then bud?

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Any mode bud


I dont think it allows non 06 vets to play UE :pensive: