It hurts to see gears go down the gutter

I honestly feel like there isn’t a single gears of war game in 2021 that is fun to play you guys in these forums might love and still play gears 5 and that fair enough not judging you for that but in my opinion gears 5 is the worst game in the franchise next to judgment we all know it had a terrible launch and was doomed from the start but the tuning that they have now is so boring and doesn’t feel like gears to me the main issue is the shot delay and the sluggish movement it feels like gears 5 was made for 85 year old men the whole holding your shot head down bot walk chainsaw hoover 2 shot down meta is lame the game just feels so unathletic

Gears of war 4 is filled with hackers and rifle kids that abuse the core tuning for that game it’s honestly not a fun game at all and unless you live in America your gonna get over 100 ping everytime and everything desyncs

Gears ultimate edition is dead on pc and console yes there is a still a few people playing on console but hardly any and whenever you do get a match you just get spawn trapped over and over on majority of the maps with power weapons mainly the hammer of dawn with UNLIMITED AMMO the balance was astrious for that game and again you get the high ping issue unless your from America

Gears of war 1-3 has host connection and is 30fps eventhough tc promised us a 60fps boost they all run terrible on the xbox one not bearable for multiplayer

It’s honestly a sad time to be a gears fan what happened to this game :frowning:


My biggest gripe is the gnasher gib range. Needs to be reduced. As in the enemy must be closer to get a gib. Right now there’s no room for gnasher battles. It’s just whoever gets a first shot or whoever inches up to get a gib.

There’s no room for any maneuvering and gnasher battles to see who has the better aim. It’s incredibly boring.

The lancer in some modes takes far too many shots to go from DBNO to kill as well.

If these fixed these issues I think the game IMO would be a lot better than what it is.

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The vast majority of players don’t care about PvP, it has always been garbage in every Gears game, I’m sorry. I don’t understand how a tiny minority thinks “Gears sucks because X PvP issue.” No it doesn’t. Most of my friends do play PVP in general - on other games, like CoD, Battlefield, Fortnite, etc. Nobody cares about the idiocy of gnasher-fest Gears PvP. It cracks me up when I see on here “durrr they let PC players play with XBox because there aren’t enough players! Player base is too low!” No it isn’t. It’s too low on PVP, because again, nobody cares and nobody plays that. The player base is fine on PVE because Gears has always been all about Horde.

I loved Destiny PvP and played all the time, I only play this horrid garbage for coins and stars. It’s a complete waste of time and there’s absolutely zero skill in running around with a shotgun, sorry.


What sucks is seeing people leave TC that have been working on Gears for a very long time. Im sure new people can join up and make a good gears game but it won’t be the same. I think if my boy Michael Shannon leaves then we’ll be in some deep sh*t.

Despite not knowing any details of what happened, Shauny not being the CM anymore is really upsetting to me. He is such a genuine guy and you could see his love for gears.


Now that we get “paragraphs” from a rant, we have to endure each one being a single sentence.


It did hurt a little. But Gears 4 released almost 5 years ago, so I’m inured to it.

it is what it is until Gears 6 comes out.

Lol first post in 2 years


Kyle, did you know running around with a Gnasher takes no skill?

Says who

This guy


Oh, he’s the type I would blast running around with a gnasher.

Probably even you too.


Thank you for that vote of confidence

If ur this salty maybe just play a different franchise

Very ironic being that is all Destiny 2 crucible consists of. People running around with only their shotguns lol


lmao. the shotgun has been the staple of this game since it launched on G1 PVP.
I really hate statements like this because it always comes from players who dont play PVP or Play mostly PVE or they are inexperienced .

its obvious you play PVE, alot. I just dont get why you would include A pvp statement that is truly unjust.

lastly, comparing destiny to Gears? bruh… they arent relatively the same, like at all.

bruh lmao, you begin to mock the point of forced crossplay then proved why it was implemented lmao This was the most pointless point ever.

I can collectively agree and say that all these SH*t post are about PVP and Content . PVE in gears has always delivered and effectively evolved.


ironic right lmao. shotgun or hand cannon.

one of the biggest gripes ever. a whole lancer clip just to kill is horrible.


You got some numbers to back that up? Gears was goated because of its campaign and multiplayer. Horde came after, not that horde is a bad mode. Its great, but to undermine pvps love is just ignorant.

TC had a good thing going with 4 and threw that out the window, that’s not our fault. Thats TCs fault, we finally were in a good place in op 5 and they still screwed up the tuning and now we are where we are.

It actually does though, you cant have fun with a bad tuning. And you cant have fun with bad maps. However in this situation, bad tuning is the culprit.

Are you a jaded esports player or something?


Gears was always a Campaign and Versus game. Those 2 modes sold the games. Most people play the campaign and never touch the game again bc thats what they care about.

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I’m all for the horde love but let’s not forget how big of a giant versus really is. :sunglasses:

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