Issues with registration of kills for certain daily objectives/medals, and change to active reload bars of Lancer/Gnasher/Snub in PvE

Two things that I would like to address here.

First off, there seems to be certain issues related to completion of medals or daily objectives for some of them. I’ll list the two cases I encountered below.

  1. I was attempting to complete the Mulcher eliminations medal of the Weapons medal group in the Tour, but killing enemies with the Mulcher didn’t appear to register any kills for the medal, at least the handheld version - Silverback Mulcher is not tested. It stayed at 27/50 despite getting 30+ kills on enemies with a Mulcher. So where did those other 27 kills come from? Well, I was using Keegan in Horde to farm the Snub damage medal and when I got done with that the medal for Mulcher kills had also mysteriously progressed by 27 kills.

  2. The Drone Elite eliminations objective, in this particular case the one where you need to get 50 of them, also appears to have odd registration issues going on. I had to run waves 7-10 on Horde several times because even when I was slaughtering Elite Drone, Elite Grenadiers and others left, right and center it would rarely actually track progress and take much longer than necessary to complete. In one case I encountered about as many Elites as you possibly could in a solo Clock run in Escape, and since I was alone I killed every single one of them and completed the hive, yet not a single one counted. And the most odd thing about this here, is the fact that while I was killing some regular Hammerburst Drones, that’s when the objective showed as completed, rather than when I killed more Drone Elites.


I have filed support tickets for some of this already so a forum thread may be redundant but perhaps others have experienced this as well. Worth noting for both of these I have mentioned is that no other medals or challenges have so far had any type of registration issue as well.

This second bit is more for @TC_MichaelAOS :

With Op 4 launching, the perfect active reload bars for the Gnasher, Lancer and Snub appear to have been moved all the way to the front of the active reload zone while the time frame where you can hit it is also reduced because the slider moves faster over that area of the reload bar than the rest, which just messes with muscle memory and not helpful if you’re a PvE player and every other weapon than those three has the perfect active bar in the middle of the active zone. It has resulted in less actives being hit and more jams because of this undocumented change. Is this intentional to keep the active reload for the Lancer, Gnasher and Snub the same for PvE and Versus, or a bug?


We changed it for PvE as well to be consistent with versus. This is so players don’t have to learn two different sets of timings (versus, and pve).

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Same here buddy, i completed my mulcher medal during the 50.000 snub damage medal.

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Understandable, but as a PvE only player this change only is a disadvantage. Especially with how the active bar speeds up way too much over the perfect active zone and then slows down again, and the fact that putting it right at the beginning of the active reload zone results in more jams than it does good. It’s out of line with every other weapon besides the Gnasher and Snub and imo inferior to having the perfect active be in the middle of the regular active reload zone. More so frustrating because the active on those three weapons still provides a bonus unlike in PvP.

Ive noticed Running Scared, Mulcher body count and The Medal for Sending a message so far to be not working

This was kind of rough. Being aware of the change, I actually made a point of watching the bar. I am not finding it too difficult to adjust.
Snub’s the worst, though.

the same thing with Paduk (and “running scared” doesn’t work (Frenzy or normal Horde, and, with his ultimate or Faze card).
But the killed count with the mulcher works with Clayton (and it’s better with him, and in addition, I got the medal with pistol shots!)

Yeah “running scared” and mulcher is bugged for me