Issues with Razer equipment

I learned gears tactics was on the xbox gamer pass. So I installed it on my computer. I have a keyboard and mouse made by Razer. When I turned on the game the lights went ape ■■■■. Like it was having a seizure. I ended up turning them off whenever I played the game. Any one else having this issue?

No but I am running into texture issues. While I’m editing a weapon skin or weapon mods my textures will bug out. Same goes for if I’m executing an enemy or it’s just a close up camera shot it’ll sometimes make me lose textures

I wonder if it’s a problem with the game or an issue with xbox gamer pass?

I don’t think so because in 5 I don’t have that issue just maybe a frame drop or too. I could try messing with my texture and visual settings to see if it’s just the game bugging out or not.

Oh wait my Razer mouse just started flashing right now

I suspect this may be of relevance… seeing as the post says this stuff also happens in Gears 5.

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