Issues with new Ranked system (OP 4)

Ranked has a few problems that need to be addressed .

  1. It is absolutely impossible to play solo queue, particularly at higher ranks. This has been somewhat of a problem in the past, but with this new system it seems especially bad. I understand they are also working on something to make it better for solo queuers. Good for them.

  2. Why should eliminations be worth the same points as a full kill? If I DBNO someone on my own and my teammate comes over and finishes them, we each get the same amount of points for that kill. That makes absolutely no sense.

  3. Connection issues/Quitters. Playing a 4v5 just about guarantees a defeat. It’s one thing if people are quitting, but what about people having server connection issues? They get booted, lose their entry cost, and severely hurt their team.

  4. The GP cap feels low. It quickly becomes impossible bring your rank up as a solo player. In fact, you can very easily go down after a great game at the higher ranks. Basically, the ranking system is too dependent on team play and not personal performance. I get that there has to be a balance to prevent people from farming/camping/etc., but you ought to be able to go up or at least break even if you play significantly better than your opponents.

  5. I missed ranked TDM. I guess it’s coming back but I can’t play it with my friends. Almost always get three of us together but we won’t be able to queue under the new TDM rules.

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