Issues with Lambent Enemies in Horde

What’s going on guys. In the middle of Op6 as many of you know, TC added Lambent enemies to Horde. They add an interesting element to the game but there’s many issues with them as well. I’m sure there is a post somewhere with all the Op7 issues too which may include some of the stuff I’m listing below which is set to be fixed in OP7 drop 2 coming on Tuesday.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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Lambent Enemy Issues

  • Nomad can’t put Lambent enemies in Fear via ultimate or via Faze or Intimidation skill cards
  • Marksman can’t see Lambent enemies through X-Ray ultimate
  • Demolitions ultimate and Spotter Support airstrikes don’t drop on Lambent enemies either
  • When a Tactician meatshields a Lambent enemy, only 2-4 nearby enemies get marked. Yes, the Tact will usually go down doing this as well lol. And when using Interrogation, Lambent enemies within the radius of the card aren’t marked either.
  • Sometimes Lambent enemies don’t respond to flashbangs

I went around testing to see if I could find any other bugs with Lambent enemies and other classes and this was all I found.

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Thank you Shwazzy. :slight_smile:

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I actually like it that the Lambent are immune to fear, which also fits more in their character of willingly blowing themselves up to spread the disease. After all, they’re controlled by a parasite (fungi/virus/bacteria?) which know no fear.

I agree with the rest.


Yeah. I just think there should be some separation between the Lambent’s lore and implementing that into a PvE mode. Having them fight each other is fine (as they did in the original Gears trilogy). They are still an enemy to the COG and the skill cards should work as they are intended to. :slight_smile:

I thought they said that they had to use PvP AI profiles (which are different from horde AI somehow) with the lambent enemies, so certain features wouldn’t work (like stuff that would affect someone in PvP… like being able to use an ability to see them true walls) until a later title update.

I could be wrong here, but I’m assuming a lot of stuff that you mentioned isn’t coded for pvp, so that’s why these things just don’t work against lambent bots (basically pvp bots). I guess it was just a matter of pushing out the content with the plan to patch it at a later date.

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Works in guardian as leader using X-ray.

Not sure if this specifically qualifies as a bug with the Lambent Theron or some other issue within the game, but when I was doing some Horde yesterday, one of them downed me as Blademaster through having the ult active, mace out, while standing next to a bleeding Snatcher and with the res perk maxed. Yet when I then ran towards that same Theron with the ult still running, mace packed away and no bleeding enemy nearby, the next Torque arrow it stuck me with didn’t do anything. Not really seeing the logic…

This was said to be the case for the Palace Guards, but nothing was mentioned for the other enemy types.


I thought only Palace Guard got the PvP treatment, so they would pick up weapons and stuff?

Also, their death explosion is overturned and seems to get glued to you if you melee kill them.
You kill, jump back and it goes off on your body.

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Wasn’t sure of mentioning since it isn’t strictly a bug with said enemies. But it makes no sense that standing next to them is an instant down, but when you take two steps backwards, suddenly the explosion is merely a tickle. (Tone down the explosion damage to players right next to them, not the other way around, TC. Since you’re adamant on introducing mechanics that only screw over CQC classes while the ranged fighters still happily sit in their safe zones.)


Maybe that’s all it was. So many things happen with this game, I can’t keep track anymore.

Just said to @AmicableWall421 that I can’t keep track with what happens to who in this game anymore…. you’re more than likely right & im just not remembering it correctly.

@OP you forgot that the explosive damage on death is WAY overtuned and should either be delayed or turned down.

@NeckPUNCHattack Palace Guards and Flame Grenadiers were using Versus AI.


The explosions feel like Drudge explosions. Which is too much.

unless you’re doing Execution…CQC Classes let’s say the Strongest Class, Blademaster, also Go Down with that Stupid Explosive Damage.

I know you should Melee & Backfilp, but sometimes without More Health Poison that Enemies die easily and you eat that Damage.

Another Example that Infiltrator with Full Stim having the Enhanced Stim Card still Cannot able to Block the Explosive Damage. The Explosive Damage just Nuke that Full Stim.


I’m pretty sure that the only way to afflict Fear on the Lambent is to perform the execution/headshot on a Lambent. But you’re right, killing a Swarm won’t cause Fear to nearby Lambent.

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Not Lambent related but two Marksmen using their Ult at the same time will still cancel each other out.

Will it ever get fixed?

“It’s FUTURE CONTENT” :smile:


Two Nomads using Fear causes issues too. Such as you won’t get double damage on an enemy unless it’s from YOUR Fear not the other Nomads.

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Same applies to Jack. But the answer to your question is no.

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The only reason this is an issue is because TC never anticipated for there to be dupe classes with how their original system worked. Well now we have dupe classes so can this please get fixed?

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