Issues with getting the new execution during the event Gears 5

I was playing a horde match finally getting a day off to be lazy. I noticed someone playing as Hoffman doing a Darth Vader Star Wars force execution. It took me by surprise. I looked online to see how it is unlocked. It’s extremely unreasonable. In order to have a chance to unlock it. You need to have no life. No jobs. Or any kind of real responsibilities. 2020 was a God awful year in California. We have a governor that destroyed the economy. Most people do not have time to sit at home all day hoping to run into a T.C member. I don’t speak for everyone. But I personally work 3 jobs. I very rarely get days off. I work 60 to 80 hours a week. Time is a luxury I don’t have. There seriously has to be a more realistic way to unlock this. Update I saw the event today. And it’s much more ridiculous than I thought. They announce like 30 minutes before going online. Then they only play 1 match. It’s honestly not even worth trying to get. Wish they would do more loyalty rewards. I been playing Gears of War since the very beginning. I literally played all of them. Oh well. To everyone that gets the reward. I wanna see you show it off in matches. And you better play Darth Vaders them song in the background as you force choke the hell out of people


It was already handed out? I coulda swore I heard someone mention it at a later date…

Understand the frustration, another big name MS IP did this with majority of their skin giveaways, although they now have a Season Pass and “Store” of sorts, there’s still some content you only get by bumping into Devs during their community stream. Thankfully this isn’t as bad as that.

It’s not event based, it’s ongoing until they announce they’re stopping.

If you have Twitter, keep an eye on the various devs accounts to see if they announce they’re playing or doing lobbies. You can also add their gamertags as friends on Xbox to see when they’re in the game.
For Custom Versus lobbies, being in the spectator slots also counts.

It’s also not an instant grant, they run the script every week or so for a previous period to grant it out to eligible players.

The intention is for a bit of fun and new ways of delivering content, I’m sure.

Hope that helps.


Just to add to this, a few of the TC employees have posted on Twitter when they are going to be playing for a while and explicitly tell people they are in their own custom lobby (with the name often being given out).

Example here:


It gets handed out on a weekly basis to the eligble gamertags

TC are giving it out to eligible players on a weekly basis, so anyone who managed to play with one of the five TC players last week will have received it now.

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I was doing horde mode last night

I rarely have free time myself, it’s been that way for years. I missed out on a fair amount of things back on Gears 4.

However with that said, I’ve managed to make some time for Gears 5 more recently. It’s just how things go. I missed nothing in the original trilogy.

I wouldn’t want them to make everything so easily and quickly obtainable just because life got in the way for some of us. It’s not particularly fair to those that do have the time.

Anyway, as for this execution. I love Darth Vader, so that reference instantly deserves a like and I like the execution itself. But the chances of getting it are very random. You could spend hours doing countless matches or you could get it in the first go. Unless of course you joined a custom match. So who knows?

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I played horde with SERA on friday and got the execution on tuesday.

Can they update it on MySpace also please?

Well sorry to say that but your personal situation is a irrelevant for the handing out of this this cosmetic Item or any other.
This one is based on luck anyways.
I have quite a bit of free time atm but I honestly don’t expect to get that execution.
I’ll treat it like a lottery gamble, I win cool, I don’t oh well.

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Oh they have ? Black fridays on sera ?:stuck_out_tongue:

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just wait till they release it in the store

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