Issues with elimination

So while many people are complaining about things that have been already explained very well like rifle headshots and arcade being a different mode than the rest of the game, i noticed something that will be really annoying on the long term.

Kills are not shown on the scoreboard anymore, instead we got these ‘eliminations’, which is the amount of your assists and kills combined.

Now if i play ranked i won’t be able to follow my kills or my k/d during the match which is a pretty big deal in ranked imo.

Moreover it just takes away the feeling of importance of kills, i can get 0 kills and 20 lancer assists (not even downs) and the scoreboard will show i got 20 eliminations just like the person who gibbed 20 people with the gnasher.

Why not just show pure kills next to these eliminations if they want to keep them also, and make everyone happy?

I’m guessing they did this to stop the “you took my down” BS. While I agree that the game should just list kills and assists separately, if it’s tracked on the back end such that you can go to some stats page and see “KILLS” and “ASSISTS” I think it will be fine.


Yeah that was my first guess too, it would also make sense if elimination was considered either a kill or a downed enemy killed by someone else. But i get one even if i just lancer someone for a bit and then get killed, so this score feels undeserved.

I also noticed that if i just down an enemy who previously had very low health and someone takes that down im not getting an elimination either because i didnt put in enough damage even if it was my down after all.
So this ‘you took my down’ BS is still there in the game, which means this wasnt the reason why they put it in in the first place:/

Honestly i wouldnt care about this if i could see my kills separately too, cause i know this will be very frustrating after launch in ranked, where i want to keep tracking my k/d mid game.

Someone posted earlier about matching up total score versus win/loss or k/d in terms of using it as a measure for ranking…I kinda see that this system you are referring to might show a players true worth in a game. When I play with my friends I am strictly a support person to help the overall team get a win. I have always said K/D is not a true representation of a persons worth as a player. I mean if a player is out causing massive damage to the other team but his teammates are getting all the kills is his part not as important? I will generally run and sacrifice in a scrum in order to take out or down someone so my team can take over an objective. Or I will go gather power weapons and then trade with a teammate in order to let them hold an objective while at same time taking an advantage away from the other team. I dont know IMO I like to see how I did overall in the grand scheme of things. But with that said I dont share my beer with mates they are on their own with that lol.