Issues with being able to watch esports through xbox

Not sure if anyone has been having issues watching esports through the Xbox/internet explorer. Like loading up through gears 5

Boot up gears 5, Navigating to the “news” section, and opening up eSports. I basically get a black screen just on the video portion, like the live video won’t load or play. Does anyone think it’s a setting on my Xbox or something?

Just started happening like 2 weeks ago.

Thx :slight_smile:

It’s not only xbox, I started having problems on my phone also. Firefox no longer loads the video, and so far only Chrome seems to work. Firefox works fine on PC so it’s clearly a codec / plugin on the stream side and nothing on your end.

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Ive had this issue for weeks, best to do a support ticket.

The more ppl that report this then theres more chance it will get fixed.

I made a post about this already

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