Issues activating ultimate with ‘alternate’ control scheme

As far as I can tell, whenever I am near a fortification I cannot activate my ultimate. The workaround is to take cover, which is feasible enough. Except as combat medic… in fact, it would appear that I am completely unable to use ult if I get downed on top of a barrier as CM. Is there a workaround? I was hoping that the left bumper input could be buffered to differentiate activating ult from reload, moving stuff, etc… this does not appear to be the case.

Ah, sweet justice.

Be a man, use default.

Defalternate is what I use. Easier all around and solves the delay issues.

If using an elite controller, set up a new profile for horde only.

On a regular controller, you’d have to go to control remapping each time to make it what you want.

I wished the game let you make custom profiles for different modes more easily.

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Not you, Kain, silly!

I know you’re not a man.

I’m not A man i’m THE man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously i’ve been using Defalternate for too long to go Back. :joy:

The faster Input is so juicy.

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I knew you’d take that well :joy:.

Yes well Defaulternate is fine, it’s only semi-heresy because it’s basically Default with very minor differences. So I count it as an exception.

It’s not a show of weakness like those Bumper Bouncers.

Oh and I’ll admit I have tested it in regards to the lack of input delay and yes, it’s very effective.

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