Issue with "purchasing" pride banners

Tried purchasing pride omen loadout but once again Its an error message saying there is an online issue and my account has not been charged even though its free.

This says solved but I still had issues claiming the Pride Omen loadout skins today. Any update on this error?

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I’m still running into this issue myself. HELP PLEASE.

I got the same error last night trying to get the free executions… pretty sure it was issues purchasing servers items.

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Still nothing, I see.

Joins the forums - chose violence

As a heads up, people won’t take you seriously or will just start trolling you if you keep doing it tbh. Which I’ll enjoy either outcome.


I anticipate a ban shortly lmao.


And just like that, as quickly as he arrived…he was gone.


I had no isseus, you dissapoint me son.

I am not proud of you.

@GhostofDelta2 also what free executions?

what free executions?

I’m not sure offhand, but I do remember there being an issue with some executions that were labelled as “starter” that TC was going to fix.

And where exactly did you think YOUR snide little comment was going to take this conversation?

No, I just don’t stay entrenched in these boards 24/7.

Anything in there about being condescending, bud? Because you’re being condescending and wondering why you’re getting hostile reactions.

Bye!! :wave:


I’ve been trying to download them every day for the past month, keep getting error 0x00001fb2

I’ve been having this problem unable to claim any of the free items or flags. I’ve been ghosted on my support ticket. What is going on. It’s been months now and no fix?

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Oh yeah so they can focus on such “important” stuff as not working pride banners and if we need a transexual gears character while ignoring really important bugs…
I know they seem to do that anyways but Twitter activism breaks games, it doesn’t help them, look at blizztard.

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