Issue with multiplayer

Played a few games after long wait times which is expected… but I have only received xp for 1 game I’ve played. All the others have given me an error message and does not give me my xp. Rough when its double right now.
Is there something I need to do to fix this?

Before the mod locks the thread he should probably actually LINK to the master thread.

It’s all server side right now. So many players are entering the game and it’s crashing the system hard. Give it a few hours and the traffic should cool off and the MP sections should work normally again.

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Can do! It is one of the top threads on the latest page too though.

Please everyone use this thread.

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This role out is horrible! This the worst role out I have ever experienced in Gears or any other game role out. Simply trying to play with 3 friends! 3 in 2 hours of trying! Microsoft should be ashamed. Maybe they need to switch to AWS servers!

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Been trying since launch 1 game is all I’ve played…15 hours what is going on…pffff

This is terrible. When I do finally get into a game I cant even play half of it before it kicks me out. I’ve been reported twice now by teammates cause they said I “Quit Early” when in reality it’s servers that cant seem it get it together. I’ve been able to get into very few games sense launch and even less I’ve been able to finish cause of this issue. Why realese if your not ready for what could be… I’d rather wait longer on the game. This might just kill gears for me. Do better

What is going on, £70 to be kicked out of games…