Issue with Double Colour Weapons Skins

There are multiple weapon skins that can be 2 colours.

Some can look like this below in the menu.

Unsure if this a bug or what but there no reason in having different colours available for these skins if you cannot have them and only blue is available for all of them.

Its pretty boring. There are quite a few now just blue only skins and they all have this same issue.

_______________ For example______________

Team Metal

See below what the skin SHOULD look like:

However during gameplay and in the lobby it is Blue see below:

There are other skins that is the exact same Only Blue

1. Team Ice
2. Luke Preece Cross Hatch
3. Playing Card
4. Radar
5. Team Rock
6. Riftworm
7. TeamCircuit
8. Onyx Guard
9. Team Metal

There may be more. But all the skins we got in the tour of duty are on this list. Its either blue and orange or blue and red and we never get the other colour apart from blue.

TC when are you going to fix this? As there is no need to give two colour options if we only ever get the one colour?

Please fix this so we can make more use of your creations and the time actually spent creating these skins for them never to be seen in game.

These skins showing double colors are team based but this is a Versus only feature which reflects in customization on weapons as well. So you look at a COG weapon on a team colored skin, you see it in blue, you look at a Locust/Swarm weapon, they’re red. An exception being the Markza which for some skins has green spots on it.

Ive seen it all now🙄

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