Issue that I dont see anyone discuss...This should be fixed

I’ve been playing a lot of escape due to the totems. I cant ever just play alone, even on ■■■■■■■ beginner because of these issues:

  1. When I kill poppers with melee attacks, I try and roll away, but I roll the complete opposite direction and right into the poppers explosives. This has happened more than once in the same game.
  2. Siren’s one hit kill ■■■■■■■■ needs to go. I havent faced a single enemy, other than bosses that can kill you with one hit kills. Why? Why is this even in the game? This isnt some fun and challenging in any way…
  3. Why does the electric grenades cause you to sit still for 20 minutes in escape? Why do I get to die instantly for this ■■■■???
    This really grinds my ■■■■■■■ gears Coalition…
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This is an issue I have encountered in both Escape and Horde where I could roll but for some reason my character does an instant 180 and rolls in the completely opposite direction I was thinking to roll in. If there’s no other enemies than what’s right in front of you, that’s fine, but it’s still stupid and likely to get you killed if you roll outside of your Horde base by accident because of this and there’s more enemies around where you rolled because it somehow got inversed.

As Sires go, just stay away while firing and roll backwards when they’re about to lunge at you. Completely safe. Poppers on the other hand have an absolutely ridiculous blast radius. So it’s best to just shoot them before they get anywhere near you. Especially if there’s multiple as killing one will probably cause a chain reaction, should it kill another Popper.