ISSUE (s) that still arnt fixed (resolved)

Ok. So i have spammed these questions for maybe 4 or 5 developers streams. I didn’t even bother with the last stream
First issue that imo could or should be easily fixed.
when i remapped 2 of my buttons.
I have The B BUTTON AND LB switched for each other ( LB is malee and B is tac com)
They DO NOT show the correct buttom icon that pops to press.
Well. Everything works except for when you get mantle kicked . It still shows the B button to deflect.
Again. Everything else works properly and shows the correct input for everything else ( execution, hopping up a ledge etc etc )
Even when im ready for the deflect. When i see the B button. I will hit it.
I understand this game has other issues but ive been asking about this for MONTHS now.

The SECOND and more importantly.

THE X ICON when you get stuck on corners.
Ive been told this is being fixed but it has been 4 plus months now.
Even when you press X. NOTHING HAPPENS.
It happens at thee worst time
Its a easy free kill to opposing team.
This was implemented because of the complaints about Corner rolling.
Id much rather corner roll than being stuck on a corner anytime.
I play the O.G. real CLASSIC ALT. ( Since it was introduced in gears 2) but from my understanding. It happens for Default players too.
I think the developer stream before last might have mentioned this. Dana said it was fixed but the new head of mp said it wasnt implemented yet but also they said this was a problem for default players .
so im not sure if they were talking about the same thing that i am mentioning.
Please FIX these issues
More so with the X icon.