Isn't it technically possible for Gears 6 to be canceled?

I mean, to give an answer to the title, yes, it is possible. MS doesn’t need Gears as much as it used to, now it has Bethesda and is soon to have Activision Blizzard.

According to rumours, MS views TC as their Unreal Engine specialists as opposed to the studio that makes Gears of War. There is a realistic possibility MS ask them to put Gears in the cupboard for a little bit and make a new IP.

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JD of Wars! A Gears game where JD is the main character!

Gears will never be cancelled as long as it makes money.

It might be pushed back or shelved for a while.

I suspect there will be a Gears universe of sorts 20 years from now.

I think the pressure is off of Microsoft now to release a new Gears every 3 years though.

Quite likely we see more time between releases and probably more of the live service model.

I am puzzled why Gears 5 was sunset so early if no 6 has been announced. Seems like a minimum would have been to continue updates until a formal announcement was made.

Probably, but I will be absolutely pissed off if they don’t finish the story because I want to know how it ends. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy another game off TC because with the release of Gears 5 in such a state it just made me dislike them a lot lol. Sure, I am going to buy 6 to finish the series, but I am only buying it because it’s Gears and not because its TC.

I reckon I am going to be disappointed with Gears 6 because if the writing in Gears 5 to go by then the story will be fairly off-putting.

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Totally. I can’t speak for the PVP side of things given I’ve never been that into it anyway, but PVE has evolved magnificently over the years.

Also I feel we’re at a stage now where like many long-running series’, people are so attached to the original trilogy and original characters that whoever the develop is, is kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just about every long-running series whether it’s movie, TV, games, books etc, eventually reach a point where the fanbase becomes somewhat split and the creators get stuck between creating something which is “more of the same” to keep old-school fans happy; or spoiling it with new refreshing ideas because “this isn’t what this franchise is about!”


What’s funny is that Gears UE exists, if people were complaining about the new games being terrible compared to the old games, why doesnt UE have such a big population?

I’m refering to the campaign and the criticism that GOW4 and GOW5 campaigns often get. Campaigns typically have a limited playtime shelf-life because nowadays there are all these extra multiplayer modes. With PVP and PVE, as long as there is a wide range of characters to choose from it’s not that much of a biggie I expect.

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Because people find out fast that the reality of reliving that nostalgia actual wasn’t a good idea and that itch didn’t need scratching.

I think people forget you just can’t go back and have that same experience, it’s more than just the game, it’s how online gaming was back then. Before party chat killed the banter.

You can’t get that full experience back again.

Still a fire game, wish people played it more.


Well said, Gears 3 was the last experience I had with proper gamechat. Versus is certainly not the same without it. But then again it wouldn’t be the same with modern gamers. Too frail.


It’s a beautiful game. I could only ever get an insanely laggy American TDM lobby after 15-25 minute searches. So disappointing :frowning_face:.

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Apparently UE isn’t dark and gritty like the original and it was made by TC and supposedly TC bad.

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I would only play UE if it actually had a population.

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TC did an outstanding job on the remaster. Probably my favorite remaster of all time.


They did. I mean come on:

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I agree


Or until the other team starts spawn trapping on Reclaimed with Lancers.