Isn't it technically possible for Gears 6 to be canceled?

Microsoft owns TC right? If they decided to pull out for any sort of reason wouldn’t the continuation of the series just kinda die? If that did happen would you still play Gears 5 and if TC made a different series would you play that? Me personally, no. I like Gears and think TC did some good things for it but I wouldn’t wanna play an entirely different series from them.

TC clearly has a specific type of format they want and can only do so much with it on Gears. I just don’t know if I can truly trust them as a company who wants to please their fans.

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343 and TC were made by Microsoft for the sole reason of making their respective games, Halo and Gears. I don’t see them ever making any other games besides those.

I truly think the franchise is being held back by nostalgic fans that don’t like change. I stopped playing Versus in Gears 5, not because its bad, I actually think its alright, but the versus is just more of the same thing I’ve been playing since the first game. I was a versus player from Gears 1 all the way until the very end of Gears 4. I just couldn’t play the same versus anymore and luckily the PvE in 5 is amazing. Gears needs to evolve in some way PvP wise.

I’ll get roasted for this but idc, I would actually love a Gears Battle Royale. I dont know how it would work or the player limit or anything like that but I’m fairly certain that I would like it.


You can change the game and keep its core mechanics, or evolved them really. Keep the things people enjoy like wallbouncing and shootie fights but for the love of god escalate on them atleast. Feels like Gears has been running on the same engine forever lol.

I wouldn’t spit on the idea but I’d like to see larger scale fights/teams. BTB kind of vibes would be nice, just as something fun or different. Appreciate your outlook on it Koty.


Thats what im saying. Its been the same formula in all the games besides Judgment. I enjoyed Judgment and respect the changes they tried. I just need something different from Versus, I can’t keep playing the same thing over and over.

Big Team Battle or Battle Royale. I think i just want Versus on a bigger scale than the 4v4 and 5v5 we’ve been playing.


As long as traditional versus stays, I’ll be happy. But I welcome new versus ideas. Arcade was a good mode.


Less Battlegrounds or Warzone, but a huge city with free-ish roam and PvE battle against Locust, Stranded and Lambent would be fun. Less like a traditional BR and more like something, I wanna say Dying Light? Or Destiny? In the world being players and AI enemies, not a looter shooter or FPS parkour-them up.

I think if they put on to net-code, exploring a whole wide city could work for Gears. Remember cruising the streets of Ephyra in G1? Or Ilima in Raam’s Shadow? Like that but with random events, and encounters. Semi Farcry/Skyrim/Fallout open world. And maybe everyone’s Stranded so you have PvP sprinkled in. Maybe some Locust. Make it open ended so if a player wants to take on the roll of an Onyx Guard, they can. Or something else idk.

I think a big-format game could work for Gears, but a strictly PvP 50-100 player BR just ain’t it. Can’t describe the genre of game I’m thinking of in any other way though. Red Dead Online?


I had a blast in Arcade mode until all the new characters had some sort of explosives or ways to make people around you explode. I would play the Warden/Deebee and Locust Drone/Baird. Those characters were super fun to play.


This description sounds like Sea of Thieves to me. Theres a big open world, its not massive, but there’s a player limit of like 30 depending on the ship sizes. Theres world events where you get loot and turn it in for gold but PvP is always on as well. You can go and PvP real players for the loot they have on their boat.


Don’t know, I kind of feel the gears series with gears 5 is just good enough to play. If someone were to make a warhammer 40k game with a horde mode and split screen I’d drop gears right away like a hot potato.

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The franchise is in one of the worst kind of predictaments it could possibly be in. On one hand, the fans don’t want too much to be changed. On the other hand, the general populace is like “Well this looks and feels exactly like the last game so why should i try this one?” so TC has to make some worthwhile changes in order to get any new fans outside of Game Pass for a week and then never play it again (which is probably why they opted for an “”"""“open world”""""" instead linear like we’re used to). On the other like you said, 06 vets don’t want too much to be changed. Even making the scenery be more alive was enough to make them think the game “lAcKs WeIgHt AnD iTenSiTy”

You know, now that I think about it,
-The same 5 or so maps that are very lancer centric get picked in PVP despite pleas for “new maps.”
-Randoms only accept the same handful of classes in the same two horde modes despite criticizing horde for being repetitive
-Escape is considered “too hard” and the population was so low that TC decided to stop making content for the mode. Even sooner with Map Editor.

Fans demand “change” and yet I see and experience otherwise.

And this isn’t even accounting for the constant whining about “the gib is too small” despite it being so absurdly big for so long as if people don’t realize that shooting just outside the gib range will net you 99% regardless of the distance said gib range is set at.

Hell, I even had an eng earlier this morning set up lvl 3 barriers and mg sentries like it’s gears 4 still. And don’t even get me started on how people are still demanding classes who have to rely on perking to deposit every single wave.

As much as I want the franchise to be mainstream, I’m fine with Gears being niche as it is. Given how an absurdly large portion of the community is toxic and a bit “slow”, the last thing I want is those type of people multiplied by tenfold if it has the playerbase of CoD or R6 Siege.


An open world gears game would be awesome if the open world was filled with actual stuff lol

Right. Most complain about blood drive but it gets majority vote everytime it shows up.

Nothing wrong with having a team comp you like, if people feel they need a Demo to win then that’s cool but yeah I see alot of of “Need Eng, Need Demo.”

Biggest disappointment of Gears 5 honestly.

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I’ve recently played Ghost Recon Breakpoint with Tunrer last month and oh man it blows Gears 5 out of the water. Most of it is just fast traveling yes, but there’s enemies patrols that spawn, the stealth is actually good as there’s multiple ways to approach situations and the enemies react to dead bodies, and there’s a variety of vehicles to choose. It actually feels like an actual place rather than something obligatory to pad out game time and “innovation.” Unless you want Jack upgrades, you can literally breeze through Gears 5 as if it’s your standard linear gears campaign since it feels like an empty wasteland most of the time. It’s a shame now that I think about it. You have APC, Centaur, Ravens, the motorcycle from Gears 4, and cars too but yet you can only ride on a skif and it’s sole purpose is to transverse through places instead of actually being fun to use.

I just wish the next game has Hivebuster upgrades but expanded upon like the card system we have now.

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Microsoft definitely doesn’t want that with it being one of their Triple A titles. But I too am at the point where its whatever honestly, just interesting if anything.

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I was fine with Gears ending with Gears3. It was billed as The End and the story reached a logical conclusion. The games that came after have only served to cheapen the series as a whole.

It’s what big business has always done to art.
They’ll still try to squeeze every drop of blood they can from the turnip.

Every big movie studio has done it for years and they don’t quit even when they see the diminishing returns. They just start making cheaper straight-to-home video husks until even that stops making a profit.
(i.e. GearsPOP in this scenario)

Once they get upside down, Then they’ll finally kill the franchise.


Last Horde run that I played(a few days ago), I had a lobby consisting of BM(me), Nomad(a friend) and two randoms with Striker and Tactician. Fifth guy joins, and what does he say?

“Need demo” and immediately leaves the lobby. It wasn’t even a particularly difficult map, with it being Foundation. Like, uh, we’re well past the days of where you actually had a sensible reason to need a Demo(the atrocious Horde balance of the first three Operations) on higher difficulties, and 50 wave Hordes could take three hours to complete due to Forge Jacks, among other things. Low and behold, we still beat the match just as well in the end.

People like that are what sometimes makes me question how good of a decision it was to starts getting invested into the MP part of certain games rather than just playing their story.

Anyway, I don’t exactly believe MS is going to pull the plug on Gears(they probably won’t until/if it stops making them money), but I wouldn’t see it too far-fetched to think that either 6 or the game that follows it get an Infinite situation.

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Would’ve made a lot more sense if they said “Need Eng.” I’m curious as to where they’re getting this information about how you must have a demo every game and how BM is considered a throw pick from.

I hope 6 will be the end of it tbh. I think Gears has reached a point where it honestly doesn’t need anymore sequels since all every game after the first has been just QoL changes. Mechanically, 5 is the best in the series so I’m curious as to what the next game will refine. I hope one of is being able to execute after a CQC counter. If anything I sooner want a Gears Tactics 2. Sure it’s a bit rough around the edges with how it got somewhat monotonous near the end but it has potential nonetheless.

I wouldn’t mind if they did some spinoffs to show off some of the side characters. Or maybe even a Carmine(which would probably ruffle some feathers, but the Gears playerbase is in desperate need of one such ruffling).

As long as they don’t go to the extreme of J with control changes and all that, though.

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I think seeing the people that have left recently this is exactly what is happening. I can’t see the reasoning behind the effort some people put in to turn this ship around who have now moved on. Surely they put that work in to tee themselves up for Gears 6. That said if there’s not another Gears game for 5 years I really don’t care. It’s tired and needs a long vacation.

Absolutely and why I maintain a Fenix collection would be DOA. Been there done it, done need to do it 4 more times.

I don’t think you can change it without 500 million threads on it not being ‘gears’. To evolve this game it needs to move away from 95% of the kills being on shotgun. If there was any future for this type of gameplay the only people left posting in this forum wouldn’t be pve players.

Same, I adored Judgement. By Gears 3 I was so bored of the gameplay, so bored of symmetrical maps and every game playing out the same.

Yeah it needed some work but I’d much rather play this game and franchise in an Overwatch type game play with heroes and ultimates that speed skating shot gun fights. But lets day an overwatch clone in Gears skins could attract 1m players per day. You would still be deafened by the same old faces complaining they couldn’t play as Dom or why there game launched with 16 heroes and not 40 from all the games and lore.

At there risk of repeating myself, I’ve said it a tonne but I never ever hear people moan about lack of maps on games with gameplay variety. People don’t need 500 skins and maps if the core game play is fun. They have the data, they saw how many people smashed through the campaign and played less than 10 games of PVP and never came back.

And I have to ask this : If you just had the same classes but didn’t tie them to characters while keeping the gameplay the same, what would change? Everyone who is in favor of the hero system always argues like it’s some kind of great savior of games, but it’s literally just a class system which locks it to the character you want to play as, or locks the class you want to a character. Neither has an effect on gameplay, but one doesn’t draw complaints to it, and it’s not the hero nonsense. Granted, PvP obviously has different demands to player identification and whatnot, but I was making a general point.

Sure, I could be in a minority with that, but if Gears 6 launches with another hero system for the PvE modes without providing an alternative to it, I’m playing the Campaign and will ignore the rest. PvP, well… I don’t play it to begin with because it’s far too shotgun focused for me to have any interest in.

PVE I agree with you, pvp is better when you can identify easily who and what class is shooting at you in my experience. I too wouldn’t want to go back to hero system for pve.