Isn’t anyone gonna talk about the enemy AI?

Is anyone gonna talk about the AI? Enemy AI behaves the exact same every game. Watching enemies move between cover walking sideways while shooting at you is painful to watch. Swarm sometimes take strange positions that expose them awkwardly while getting shot and sometimes just stand in one place getting riddled with bullets. I’ve even seen some of the same death animations with Enemies flopping all over the floor.

In the escape gameplay Enemies sometimes move from one position to the other while taking multiple shots and sometimes RIGHT in front of the player aiming down site! Enemies are hardly flinching or using strategic menuevering. ENEMIES SHOULD DIVE. ROADIE RUN sometimes from place to place. It just looks like copy and paste gears 2,3,4 now 5.

A lot more emphasis should’ve been put on evolving some of the gameplay and animations past what we’ve already experienced to offer unique and better gunfights. More engaging battles. More immersion. It’s a Missed opportunity. What the heck man?

Imagine seeing some unexpected things happen with enemy animations… Ducking around maybe. Instead of slowly strafing sideways how bout an enemy hunching over and trying to make their body smaller to hit. Enemies laying down or crawling to get some shots in from around cover. Think like metal gear where snake can roll out and in while on the ground. Animations people haven’t seen before! It would make the game scary and more unpredictable.


I noticed this and am hoping that the AI were this stupid due to the very low difficulty people were playing at.


What @GhostofDelta2 said.

On hardcore and above, the enemy A.I are much faster and don’t stay still for very long, roadie running and evading with the Gnasher.


In another post on the forum TC_Octus said that in the Escape demo they turned down the difficulty a bit for normal/casual/everyone player.


I really didn’t like Gears 4 AI. Though I mostly play VS, I’m not someone who NEEDS to fight people. I can have an equally fun time against a computer. But, in Gears they really feel like bots.

I was replaying Borderlands 2 recently and I never once thought about the AI behind the enemies. They feel like people, which is why that game is still wildly popular despite being very old.

The demo was on very low difficulty. We’ll have to wait to find out if they programmed sensible actions into the higher levels, or if it’s like last time where they just get stronger, faster, and more accurate.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

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The division 2, shows a great example on how to treat the AI.

I guess we’ll see. It didn’t look very promising. I seen the same movement patterns from gears 4 and previous entries from standard swarm drones. I don’t think difficulty effects animation and tactics like I hope they will as I’m pretty sure the AI moves around exactly like gears 4. I was expecting more unpredictable movements to make the swarm appear more frightening. But no, they just stand out in the open getting shot. Take cover against walls facing the player.

This effects larger enemies as well. There’s the warden in “pro gameplay of escape” where the warden is getting shot and he’s just standing in one spot getting blasted and flinching around, doesn’t move. Then he drops to the floor lol. Not very intimidating.

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From what i saw in Escape mode i’ts bad.The Warden and Flock as new boss enemies are dissapointing.The Rejects, omg what are those,they are easier to kill than juvies!

The flock was the machines from the matrix. It’s a cool concept, I dunno. That I’ll have to play. I like how it at least evades. The end is very abrupt though from what we were shown. I had to rewind and see if I had missed something…I didn’t even see the flock die off.