Is XPx2 real? Only I feel otherwise?

I don’t know if I played too much with XPx5, but now I have the feeling it is not x2… most likely x1/2
Anybody agrees?


Im pretty sure t’s back to normal now.

2x was last week with 5x at the weekend.

Best way to check is through horde; wave completed xp is fixed. Vs can be deceptive on payouts.

They said 2x until middle of july


The problem with that is the “They said” bit.




I believe double XP is this week (25th-29th) but since I’m re-up 10, it doesn’t feel like much. A permanent double XP would be nice but that 5x XP was awesome.

scroll down

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“That is not all – 2XP will be back on Monday June 25 10AM PT until mid-July! Here is the beginning of your summer sorted. You are welcome.” from that Whats up page.

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Well I mean, if we’re talking about 2XP not feeling like 2X, I’ll just leave this here. Six months ago they nerfed XP payouts and said they increased them. The current 2XP is definitely not double the pre-nerf XP, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not double post-nerf XP either. It is not worth putting the time in to figure out because Octus will come out and say your evidence is incorrect despite screenshots saying otherwise! Fun times!


Not double at all

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Goodness me. I’ve had enough of this from other games.

5X XP looked like 5X XP. 2X XP looks like 2X XP, at least from the last few Horde matches anyway.

it feels that way because we just got spoiled with a 5x xp so getting dramtically less xp feels like we get nothing lol if you get a single ribbon and look at the tally it’ll indeed give you double xp


This ^^^^^^^

Good news :raised_hands:

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I actually leveled up during a horde run yesterday so it still has to be going on.

was supposed to be till mid july. im low level and im barely getting half on to the next

i never received the bonus on several games over that weekend or on the 2x week but now back to normal and i get xP

Can’t say if it’s 2xp, I’m running towards the end of my re-up.

Xp bar increases almost nothing.